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Air in Motion Canada provides reliable hot water heating systems services for homes in Etobicoke. We are experts in both installation and repairs providing professional services to all our clients. A hot water heater is no longer a luxury but a basic necessity in your home.

A hot shower in the morning prepares you for the tough day ahead. In the evening you can enjoy a warm bath as you unwind. Hot water in the kitchen sinks provides instant hot water either for doing dishes, cooking or drinking.

For someone looking to install a water heater for the first time, there will be a lot of advice from professionals and otherwise. An internet search will provide too much information, some which may not be as useful. We have been doing hot water heater installation and repairs in Etobicoke for a couple of years.

We understand the needs of our clients and offer professional advice and services in heater installations. As experts, these are what we look at when consulting clients for hot water heater installations.

  1. Family size – The bigger the family, the more the demand for hot water. This determines whether you should get a hot water heater with a storage tank or a tankless one. It also dictates the gallon capacity you need to install.
  2. Availability of space in the house – While most houses do have ample space in the basement to install a hot water tank, apartments generally have minimal space t work with. The available space in your house is a key factor in making the right water heater selection.
  3. Source of energy or fuel in the house – Hot water tanks can either be fueled by gas, solar or electricity. Depending on the kind of fuel you use in your house, you can select a heater that will not be an inconvenience in terms of energy consumption. Sometimes during repairs and maintenance, you can make a switch to the most preferred type in terms of fuel.
  4. Client’s budget – When we talk about budget, most clients only focus on the initial buying and installation costs. However, the budget also includes the cost of maintenance. For instance, if your utility bills are already high, you will want to avoid and additional expense.
  5. Efficiency – Just like other appliances in your home your water heater should be efficient in performance. Some modern hot water heaters feature an energy factor embedded in their design for increased efficiency. The determining factor in efficiency is energy consumption. It is important to be keen on the efficiency factor especially for electric and gas-fueled hot water heaters. This keeps your electric and gas bills manageable.


Hot water installation and repairs are a significant investment in your home. This is why you need a professional to take care of the installation. Not only do we do installations, but also provide an informative consultation service. Our services are guaranteed to leave your satisfied and happy, enjoying the benefits of having a hot water system in your house.

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