There is nothing nicer than coming home after a long days work or first thing in the morning and stepping into a nice hot massage shower. There are several types of hot water tanks that are available on the market:

  • Natural Vent Hot Water Tanks
  • Power Vented Hot Water Tanks
  • Tankless Hot Water Tanks
  • Condensing / Modulating Hot Water Tank ( Envirosence)

One of the main things to remember when calling in for a hot water tank service or replacement is to confirm if you own it or rent it as there might be penalties from your service provider if you replace it too soon and your contract has not been fulfilled. We will not be able to service your rented water heater but if you make arrangements with your provider we could install a new for you and return your old one to the service provider.

The two main reasons people purchase a tankless water heater is because of space issues as a tankless water heater is much smaller in physical size than a conventional water heater. The second reason people purchase a tankless water heater is because they have 3-4 adults living in the house and they are currently running out of hot water.

There are however pros and cons to purchasing tankless water heater. Some of the items to consider are listed here:

  1. current water pressure
  2. pricing
  3. type of dishwasher being used
  4. recovery time when system is shut off
  5. placement of venting
  6. access to outside wall

The benefits of owning your hot water tank is that it will most likely pay for itself within 5 years or so depending on usage and rental rate for a new one and you will then be able to enjoy an additional 5-10 years of payment free cycle. The other advantage is that you can service and clean your hot water tank every 1-2 years so that it runs more efficiently and you are not wasting money on extra utilities. The rental providers will not clean your hot water tanks burners or drain and refill the tank unless there is a problem with the tank and it is not working properly or is unsafe.

If you are not sure about which way to go please give us a call and one of our consultants can go through your options with you.

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