Installing air conditioner is one of the basic services you will get for your house or office. the It has to be done properly to ensure easy flow of air throughout the time.  Our team can help you assist you choosing perfect Ac temperature requirements and humidity levels as per the temperature based on season. We always offer the best price and satisfaction that you always wanted. Our service plans are cost effective and in best interest of our customers.

We can perform following services for your AC.

Install Central Air Conditioning

-Maintain Air conditioning

-Duct Cleaning service

-Central Air Conditioning Installation

-Home Air Conditioning

From choosing the right air conditioner to maintaining it – we can help you.

Many people turn down their temperature to 67 degrees and it may feel like a meat locker which is not the intention of an air conditioner. An air conditioners purpose is to remove the humidity from the air and make you more comfortable.

Here is a list of item we check when we service your air conditioner:

  • check coil positioning
  • check for any signs of leakage of refrigerant
  • check coil for accumulation of dust
  • check pressures for the unit
  • visually inspect the coil
  • visually inspect the compressor
  • check the furnace filter
  • check the thermostat
  • remove and clear all drains
  • ensure humidifier is set to the summer position closing the dampers
  •  check the capacitor
  • turn air conditioner on and ensure it is operating properly

We at Air In Motion Heating + Cooling want to ensure you and your family are comfortable throughout the summer season.

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