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Furnace Service Experts

We at Air In Motion Heating + Cooling have 17 years of experience in Furnace Repair & Maintenance

All of our technicians and installers are licensed gas fitters and refrigeration mechanics which means your equipment is being handled by the best certified technicians in the HVAC industry.

Were licensed to manage your furnace

All of our installers are insured and certified by TSSA and licensed by HRAI for their individual specialties.

We are an application based company

We are an application based company which means when we are invited into your home we have the ability to assess and recommend products and services that fit your particular situation and without being limited to any one product or service.

Scientific & efficiency is key

We take a more scientific approach to providing quotations on replacement equipment which means we do a proper heat gain heat loss calculation to properly size your equipment and make sure it runs at the most optimum air flow and efficiency that is possible. We install all equipment as per manufacturer’s specifications and of course always to code.

Our Values

We run our business by the three golden words:


We value certifications and expertise

Steve Youdowitch holds the CIAQT designation which is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician certified by ESA, and has also completed courses in the Indoor Air Quality Field directed by HRAI and CHMC. Steve is also certified to do Heat Gain Heat Loss calculations and Duct Design which he acquired certification from HRAI.

Our Duct Cleaners are Trusted

All of our duct cleaners have been trained and certified and are members of NADCA which is the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. At the end of the day all the heating and cooling companies have to do the major things properly and to code however with Air In Motion Heating + Cooling we take pride at looking after the small details that make a difference. When you look through the internet and compare products and services they are all pretty much the same as long as you are choosing from the same category IE: builder grade or premium. The main difference between builder grade and premium is a better warranty, less noise levels and higher efficiency. There is an application for both which we can go over with you when we are invited to your home to do an assessment. The common thread in rating service and products is FIRST, that the equipment has been properly sized through a heat gain heat loss calculation, SECOND, that it is installed properly and as per manufacturer’s specification, and THIRD, that it is maintained on an annual basis for SAFETY. We would love to have an opportunity to come and submit a competitive quotation for your new HVAC system. No job is too big or too small…we take care of them all. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO SCROLL THROUGH OUR TESTIMONIALS ON THIS WEB SITE AND ALSO CLICK ON THE LINK TO HOMESTARS FOR ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIAL THAT HAS EARNED US 10/10 RATING…THE BEST THERE IS. Thank you so much for taking the time to go through our web site and I look forward to meeting with you in the near future. Steve Youdowitch B.A., CIAQT Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician Technical HVAC Consultant & Furnace Repair/Maintenance Experts

A Proper Installation

A Proper Installation

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