This section is dedicated to all the great realtors who want to give their customers top notch service and added value.

Here is what we can offer your customers through yourselves:

1. complimentary assessment of their current heating and cooling system and quotation for any replacement of the equipment either before, during or after the sale has been completed but not yet closed.

2. service their equipment and issue a certificate/furnace sticker to authenticate work being done and service performed so that when potential buyers or home inspectors look at the furnace or air conditioner they are satisfied that the equipment has been properly serviced and warrantied safe to use.

3. give us a call anytime day, night, evenings or weekends and we will be there for you and your clients to serve you.

4.we offer indoor air quality testing and do a particulate count on the home and prepare a written report on the state and condition. This is great for any home owner but especially for anyone who has asthma, allergies or any other type of breathing disorder.

5. for those cases which a home inspector flags a furnace, air conditioner or humidifier when there is a condition on home inspection clause in the offer and it has to be waived in a timely manner, we can come to the rescue and work with all parties to evaluate the situation and provide a win, win solution for everyone.

In one case we had a home sold and the home inspector flagged the furnace as it would need to be replaced within the year. The Vendor had already agreed on the sale price and therefore did not want to put in a high end furnace. The purchaser did not want just an entry level furnace installed as they were going to live at the house for some time but the Vendor by contract was only obligated to provide a furnace in good working order on closing. What we did was get a portion equal to that of a repair from the Vendor and we got a portion from the Purchaser and we were able to provide both parties a great solution at a cost effective price. Oh yea….I forgot…the Realtors completed the sale without having to start at square one all over again, and we got a sale and chance to provide great service to the Purchaser, Vendor and Realtor.

6. I know how Realtors think because I invested 14 years of my life as a Realtor and faced some of the very same issues you are going through and know how and what to do, in a diplomatic way to serve everyone and solve their problems in a timely manner and basically take that stress off them and allow them to carry on with what they do best. I have been dealing with people in one business or the other for the last 30 years and so I would say one of my best qualities is knowing how to deal with certain individuals from the best to the most difficult in a respectful and diplomatic manner WHICH IS NOT A COMMON TRAIT IN MY INDUSTRY AMONGST TECHNICIANS….THEY DEAL WITH MACHINES NOT PEOPLE.

Just in case you are wondering I was in the business from 1984 – 1989 with a company called Montreal Trust Company Of Canada and from 1989 – 1997 with Re/Max. I achieved the 100% club, the Platinum club and the Re/Max Hall Of Fame during those years. I DO NOT HAVE MY LICENSE ANYMORE.

7. we offer gift certificates for all our products and services which you could purchase and gift as a house warming gift to your clients. We also offer volume discounts so call our office or email us for more information.

8. we will deliver to your customer’s home furnace filters and humidifier pads when pre purchased and no extra charge and install them for free in the Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington areas. Call our office or email us for more information.

9. I would be more than happy to sit down with you and answer any questions you might have about my products or services and show you my system I go through with your customers when you refer me.I am also available to do lunch and learns for your office or attend as a guest speaker at your next office meeting.

10. I have dealt with so many realtors in the area and would be more than happy to give you names and numbers for you to check my references. I am also registered with Home Stars and currently have a 10/10 rating with them. I also have a testimonial section on this web site for you to browse in as well as a link to my Face Book page and Linked In.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through and I look forward to meeting you in the near future and be of service to you.

Steve Youdowitch B.A., CIAQT
Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician
Technical HVAC Consultant

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