Fireplace Cleaning and Service

If you are one of the fortunate people to have a gas fireplace in your home ensure you get it inspected and cleaned for safety purposes at least once a year.

If your fireplace glass is covered in a white film there is a good chance you have what is called improper combustion which is caused by not having a proper mixture of air and gas to burn This is caused mostly by dirty burners in your gas fireplace.


Here is a list of what we do in a fireplace cleaning and service:

  • take carbon monoxide readings
  • turn fireplace on and check the flame
  • remove and clean glass assembly
  • visually inspect log set
  • visually inspect burners
  • test ignitor
  • test pilot assembly
  • test gas valve
  • clean and re install gas valve, ignitor and pilot assembly
  • clean glass assembly
  • are position log set
  • add embers if needed
  • check venting if applicable

Checking your gas fireplace is a very smart thing to do and will ensure its safety operation on those cold winter nights. Remember if your furnace stops working for some reason, your fireplace could be used as a great back up till the issue with the furnace is resolved.

Call us to set up an appointment now to have your fireplace cleaned and / or serviced or better yet call us for a quote on a regular annual service and leave the rest up to us.

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