York Furnace Repair in Oakville

Most people do not appreciate the importance of basic repair and maintenance services on their furnaces until it is a cold winter night and the furnace suddenly stops working. Furnace repair is the most neglected activity in most households until something goes wrong the furnace.

Instead of waiting for your furnace to break down before you spring in action, we advise our clients to maintain a strict repair and maintenance schedule. Your furnace can break down at the worst timing causing you repair headaches.

Imagine if all service providers are fully booked and can only schedule your repair in a few days or you are flat broke and cannot afford to spend money on repairs. You will have to endure cold days and nights in your home robbing you the much-desired comfort.

Different households are fitted with different types of furnaces depending on need and fuel supply. Generally, furnaces are divided into three main categories.

  1. Single stage furnace – Single stage furnaces operate on only one stage and are either off or on. They feature simple technology and are quite affordable to install. However, they have the lowest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of 80%. This is quite low and will add on to your energy bills.


  1. Two-stage furnaces – A two-stage furnace features two stages of operation; Full speed and half speed. This makes it possible to maintain desired room temperatures at relatively low speeds. They are designed with sophisticated technology that allows communication with the thermostat to determine the heat requirements.


Its AFUE rating is high at 90% making it fuel efficient compared to single stage furnaces.

  1. Modulation furnace – This is the most superior type of furnace designed to adjust heat output accordingly. Its precision is high regulating heat output every minute. This saves on energy and has a high AFUE. It distributes heat evenly in your home maintaining the desired room temperatures.

A properly functional furnace is something to covet during the winter season. Understanding the types of furnaces and how they work allows you to plan for repair and maintenance services accordingly. Oakville experiences harsh winter season with temperatures dropping to negative degrees.

You will want to consult an expert from Air in Motion to set up your furnace before winter. Air in Motion technicians have a vast experience in furnace installations and repairs. Our services are outstanding and at affordable prices leaving you grinning with satisfaction.

Our business revolves around three core values; Safety, efficiency and comfort. Our services have remained consistent and reliable for the last 17 years of service delivery.


At Air in Motion Canada, we remain market leaders in furnace services with various awards to show for it. We have an award-winning customer service team that is quick to respond to you and provide answers to all your questions. Our sole purpose is too keeps you warm, comfortable and safe in your home. Get in touch with us today for professional advice or repair services on furnaces.

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