The question of how often you should replace your furnace filter is well answered by you knowing a number of facts. You see filter changing is dependent on a number of factors. So before answering when let us answer what.

What type of filter do you have

How often you will replace filters depends on the type of filter you have. This is because filters come in different forms, thickness and materials. As much you would love to save the buck, you need to note that cheap is expensive and will lead to a whole lot more of replacements. Buy a filter of good quality. Such filters come with a recommended time frame for replacement. It could be changed monthly or even after six months.

Get rid of the dust

If your house is dusty then you will need to change the filters more frequently. This is because dust lowers the performance of your filter. The inches of your filters also matter for instance the fewer the inches like one and two; you will need to be changing them monthly. Three to four inches will take you two months while anything above will work well for three months. But just note this; the effectiveness of your furnace filters is dependent on the level of dust in your house. So the more you clean, the lesser the frequency of changing.

For pet keepers, you will need to be changing the filters almost monthly. You see your pets always shed hair which might find their way to the filters. You can work your way around this by going for filters with a higher inch let’s say five or six inches. For those who have no animals this means longevity in the replacement period.

Who smokes

If two or more members of your household smoke then you will need to have the filters changed every month. A single smoker reduces the recommended filter replacement period by a half.

Furnace repair or replacement

If your furnace develops some problems it might need to be repaired or replaced. One of the factors that call for total replacement is the age of your furnace. If you have had it for over ten years then it is about time you bought a new one or else expect repairs very soon. Everything has to be new including the filters. At times you will weigh the cost of furnace repair against that of purchasing a new furnace and if buying is cheaper then opt for that.

What are the signs that you need furnace repair and not furnace replacement? The following are signs that you should call a HVAC expert.

  1. Your furnace makes noises.
  2. Your furnace is constantly running.
  3. Your furnace does not produce heat.
  4. Your power bills went up suddenly.

There are times when you will have to do more than just change furnace filters. You will need to replace the entire furnace. This is especially true if the furnace has served you beyond its recommended time frame, when heat distribution is uneven, when everyone in your household starts getting health issues and of course when the bills go up. So the answer to how often should you replace your filter is as soon as you notice the factors that affect its performance.

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