Furnace Install Oakville

Furnace installation should always begin the same way and that is with a professional. At Airinmotion, we have a team of technicians who can do it for you. Whether we are installing a new gas or oil furnace, we always take time to measure your premises then consider factors such as how many people occupy the space, the number of doors and windows, and how energy efficient they are. We also inspect your duct work for sufficient insulation and consider the overall insulation of your building.

Streamlined installations

When we are ready to install your new system, we will arrive fully prepared and keep any disruption to your life at a minimum. We will install your new system as quickly as possible, and test it thoroughly to match the efficiency levels quoted by the manufacturer. We do not just install your new furnace, we also provide maintenance services. What makes us different from other players in the field is that we have perfected our expert furnace installation process. Here is what you can expect from us.

  • Meeting or exceeding local code: we will always install your furnace to local code, and we often go beyond for the highest quality installation anywhere.
  • Comprehensive inspections: after we complete the installation, we go through the quality control checklist to ensure that your furnace is functioning properly before we leave.
  • Quality installations: our technicians have some of the most prestigious technical certification in the industry so you can be sure that their work is credible.
  • Neat installations: when we are inside, we will put on shoe covers to protect your home from any dirt we might carry in. We set up drop cloths around the installation area to prevent clutters.

Custom installation recommendations

Once we complete load calculations, we will then determine the right-sized unit and make recommendations on several heating systems that will fit your budget, family requirements and home. Our goal is to always provide the most energy-efficient options based on your energy source and financial plan. We view a new heating installation as an opening for you to make a sound investment in your business or home. You may feel like a new furnace installation is an unnecessary expense, but in the long-run, a well-thought out heating installation will create savings every month on your utility bill. Every so often, our clients find that their new gas, electric, or oil furnace installation can actually pay for itself over a few years with tax credits and energy savings. Every new installation we perform comes with an agreement, which gives you a head start on proper furnace maintenance and keeps your warranty valid. We strive to serve the residents of Oakville with proficiency and dependability. Our technicians will arrive at your site as fast as possible with the correct tools and perform your furnace installation in a speedy manner as well. Anytime you call us, expect friendly technicians who avail themselves round the clock in case you are in need of emergency services. Our prices are reasonable and you can expect high quality services for the same. We are always ready for our clients.

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