As the year comes to an end the weather becomes less friendly and everyone seeks after warmth. Almost every home has a fireplace for this purpose but unfortunately if you only use something once in a while it is likely that you might not keep it in good condition. The fireplace is a place of interaction and creating memories. It would be unfortunate when such a place becomes a danger to the ones you love. If you are clueless as to what to do apart from fireplace cleaning, here is a maintenance checklist to help you out.

The chimney cap

The chimney cap protects the chimney from rain water, wildlife and snow. Chimneys also suffer expansion damage due to subsequent freeze and thaw process. Small animals might find your chimney a befitting home hence not only does the chimney get clogged but they might as well bring you ticks and worms. A chimney cap that has a screen mesh should work wonders for you.

Clean your chimney

Chimneys should be cleaned twice annually however the frequency of cleaning also depends on how heavily the chimney is used. For proper ventilation do your chimney cleaning during fall. The benefits range from getting rid of animals stuck in the chimney and reducing risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning and fires.

Check the chimney’s exterior

Is your chimney standing straight or is it leaning? Are there any cracks or chips? For metallic chimneys check corrosion or sections that are loose. Simply check out for signs that repair. All these are part and parcel of fire place maintenance.

Check the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

When it comes to your home and family, fireplace maintenance should be your first priority. Keeping a fireplace in good condition takes some work before creating that first warm fire. Ensuring that your fireplace is in proper working condition allows your family to enjoy the warm fire during cold winter months.

It does not matter what kind of fireplace you have, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important. During fireplace repair or installation do ensure that these detectors are working efficiently. It is better to stay safe than sorry.


As for the fireplace take a closer look for dampness or soot build up. You should call professionals when you notice such. If there is any ash buildup, it should be cleared.

Check for tree limbs

If there are any tree limbs near the chimney then they should be trimmed. There should be no limbs hanging over your chimney as this poses a fire threat. Tree limbs also limit the chimney’s draft and this results in a damaged cap which would be a total mess.

Chimney safety should be given first priority whenever winter is around the corner. Of course regular maintenance ensures that your chimney gives you better service for longer. Call a professional because they will be able to spot what your naked eye missed. Let this be part of your maintenance routine and then you can enjoy warmer days without a worry.

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