Air Conditioner Installer Etobicoke

The key to maximum home comfort during the hot summer season lies in proper AC installation. If you already own an HVAC system, proper maintenance is vital. It will ensure that you enjoy cool summer days and nights when outdoor temperatures are extremely hot. Always hire a licensed HVAC contractor like the ones we have at Airinmotion who have vast experience in the industry. While you may think that installing your AC will save you some money, it is never a good idea as your AC may break down frequently and have a shorter lifespan. That is why you need to hire our reputable professionals who have handled hundreds of AC installation jobs in Etobicoke. During the installation, there are a number of things you can expect from us and below are some of them.

Home visit

It is important to choose a suitable air conditioner installation company. This is because the contractor you pick is just as important as the make and model of the AC system that you invest in. Our contractors have the licensing and certification and once you contact us, we will immediately dispatch them to your home. They will assess the design of your home to determine the most suitable place to install the AC and measure the total floor space in your home in order to identify the most suitable air conditioner size for your cooling needs. During this visit, our technicians will also be able to provide a more accurate quote for the entire job.

Preparation and installation

If you have an old AC unit, our technicians have to remove it first before installing a new one. Once the old components are out of the way, installation of the new unit will not take more than a day to complete. When everything is ready, the actual installation begins with positioning of the outdoor unit. Our technicians will properly secure your AC unit on the ground and install the indoor cabinet afterward. They will then install the refrigerant tubing and electrical wires and put the air vents and registers in place. At this point, the installation of components is complete and you can now plug your unit into a power outlet.

Testing and user education

Once everything is in place, our installers will turn on your air conditioning system and test everything. They will check how both the outdoor and indoor units work. They will also measure the indoor temperature setting on the thermostat. Before going through all the necessary paperwork and collecting payment from the client, our lead technician will explain how the cooling system works. They will also cover what signs to watch out for in case of a problem. Ultimately, the installation of your air conditioner is important because it affects its ability to keep your home at comfortable energy levels and energy efficiency as well. This is why you should seek the services of our professional installers at Airinmotion. We service Etobicoke and surrounding areas with our competent and timely services, so do not hesitate to give us a call to arrange for your AC’s installation date.

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