A foul smell in your home emanating from the AC is unpleasant as it is surprising. The fouls smell can either me musty or rotten egg smell which is unbearable. The musty smell is a result of mould and mildew in your AC unit. Rotten egg smell indicates a dead pest in your system.


Your AC should not be producing any smell. It should be circulating fresh, cool air instead. Sometimes the cause of the foul smell is out of our own doing Fir instance, setting your AC to low constantly inhibit its ability to dehumidify the air. As a result, mould and mildew start to grow. Installing a large AC in a small house also affects its perfomance.


Types of AC Foul Smells and Their Causes.

Understanding the root cause of the foul smell from your AC is the key step in finding a lasting solution. As a user, you can only identify the nature of smell but may not be quite sure of the cause. Below are some potential causes of the foul smell from your AC.


  1. Ingrown mould and mildew in the system – Mould and mildew thrive in damp areas. When the AC is not able to properly drain its condensed water from the system. This causes the water to clog the ducts breeding mould. You will begin to notice a musty smell coming from your AC.
  2. Dead animals such as rat and mice in the system – If you have a pest problem in your home, it is likely to spread into your AC and ventilation units. Dead pests such as mice produce a foul smell once their bodies begin to decompose. Combined with the damp nature of the unit, the sell becomes profound and noticeable in your entire home.
  3. Clogged water drainage ducts – For your AC to function optimally, it has to drain its condensed water out of the system. It this water clogs, it becomes slimy and gets smelly.


How to Prevent Bad Odors


The best way to maintain your AC in perfect condition is to prevent problems before they occur. This eliminates any inconvenience and the additional costs associated with repairs. This can be achieved by:


  1. Getting the best AC size for your home – If you operate an AC too big for your home, it will be able to dehumidify the air properly. This will form the perfect breeding ground for mould due to the constant moist conditions available.
  2. Avoid running your AC on low instead, run it on the fan – Running your AC on low inhibits its ability to properly cool the air. The best mode is to maintain your AC on the fan which allows it to cool and condense the air in its unit as well.
  3. Deal with your pest issues before they become a menace – Pest control can be a challenge but if managed promptly, it can be eliminated completely. Get rid f any pest in your home that may find their way into the AC.

AC pushing stinky air


Regular service and maintenance should keep your AC properly functioning. When you notice a foul smell, call on experts from Air in Motion to properly diagnose the cause and provide a lasting solution to the smell.

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