Most people wonder if duct cleaning is important and whether they should get their air ducts cleaned and the answer is that they should. This is because all homes with air ducts are susceptible to accumulations of dirt and dust.

HVAC systems need to be examined by reliable professionals from a licensed HVAC company on a regular basis. Below are some more reasons why as a homeowner, you should have your ducts cleaned.

Quality of indoor air

One of the utmost apprehensions that most homeowners have when they opt for duct cleaning is the quality of air in their homes. Your HVAC system acts as your home’s lungs since the system takes air in and breathes out air as well.

As you inhabit your home, a lot of contaminants such as chemicals, dust and dander are produced and drawn into the HVAC system. They are re-circulated approximately five to seven times a day. With time, this recirculation causes a buildup of contaminants in the ducts.

Dirty ducts do not essentially mean harmful air in your space but they may be donating to bigger health issues or sheltering contaminants that could cause problems for people with environmental allergies or respiratory health conditions.

Energy saving

Studies indicate that close to forty percent of the energy used for cooling or heating homes is squandered. This is because contaminants in the systems cause it to work harder and shorten its life. Even though filters are used, HVAC systems still require duct cleaning because cooling and heating systems still accumulate dirt through regular use.

An HVAC system that is clean doesn’t have to strain to maintain your desired temperature and as a result, a lesser amount of energy is used leading to enhanced cost effectiveness.

Elimination of unpleasant odours and smells

Food preparation, tobacco use, mould, paint fumes, household cleaning agents and pets are all elements that add to musty smells in HVAC air ducts. These odours will recurrently flow through the house every time the air conditioner or furnace is running.

Duct cleaners confirm that even an accumulation of dirt over the years can lead to a stale scent coming from the duct work. That is why you need a detailed duct cleaning to remove all odour trapping particles in order to have a fresher smelling home.


Cleaner living environment

Duct cleaning in Mississauga is done professionally and this is an advantage to many homeowners because the dust that would otherwise be circulating through your space landing on your flooring or furniture is reduced.

In addition to dust, harmful micro-organisms are often found in air ducts. Persons who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems are particularly sensitive to such particles. Fortunately, a thorough duct cleaning promotes healthier living because then, dirty air in your home will just re-circulate over and over again.

In conclusion, it is important to have professional duct cleaning by an HVAC company because air ducts circulate the air from your cooling and heating system into and out of each room. As such, it is important for this air to be as clean as possible.



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