Your HVAC system is an investment that cost you a good amount of money. It is therefore only reasonable if you would know what to do so as to get longer service. One of the main factors affecting your HVAC’s system performance is the weather and in this case winter.  Ice and snow will cause these systems to become inefficient in their operations. The possibility of other underlying problems developing is also high. When your system is covered with snow the emergency shut off is automatically triggered. So there is no heat being supplied indoors plus the pipes could burst anytime.

Damage to HVAC systems during winter is not only internal but also external as well.  Well most of the components are structured in such a manner that they can withstand the weather all year round but that does not mean that ice won’t find its way to the fans or even coil fins resulting in bending hence loud sounds. Your fans and coils will have to work harder than before hence limiting air flow or worse bursting or burning out.

Winter is coming

Since winter is coming and we all know what is coming with it there is need to ensure that HVAC maintenance is up to standard. The best way to be sure is by having your system inspected professionally by HVAC technicians. The technicians are able to spot problems that could easily develop into complications. A through check ensures that you are able to tackle problems earlier than later.

Filter Change

Many times after HVAC technicians do inspections the only recommendation change of air filters. If air filters are dirty and clogged the energy efficiency of your heater is decreased. Clean air filters also reduce health problems like the occurrence of allergies making you and members of your household comfortable.

Upgrade your thermostat

If your thermostat is the old type then you better have it upgraded for the harsh weather. Go for a programmable thermostat that adjusts automatically. You are not supposed to be touching your thermostat all the time so the programmable one means you will be setting the thermostat at the same temperature hence saving energy.

Duct work

You should also clean the ducts from time to time so that there is efficient circulation of heat and clean air. The heat ducts that work with your furnace should be inspected to ensure that there are no dents, punctures or parts that are disconnected. When the ducts have a problem you can sense the poor circulation of heat and your bills will go up the roof since heat is wasted. Talk to  hvac repair technicians to check the heating ducts for you.

Certified HVAC technicians will perform thorough diagnostic maintenance checks on both your heating and cooling system. This ensures that all parts apart from functioning effectively and efficiently are drained, clean and lubricated. We can also do ac /repair if it is needed. So now you can simply wait for winter without any worries.

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