Installing a commercial heating system requires proper planning and use of professional skills. Assuming you have already bought the system, we can analyze your place and plan on how we can perfectly install it.


If you are still contemplating to buy a heating system and you don’t know where to start, we can offer you professional tips. These tips can enable you to buy top quality commercial heating systems that will not only work efficiently but also last longer than most of the brands in the market.


We Obtain Installation Permissions on Your Behalf


A commercial place is normally used by members of the public. The authorities need to be involved to ensure they approve the installation of the commercial heating system. As professionals, we are easily trusted by the authorities so we can speak on your behalf and obtain permissions.


As a client, you may not be able to explain the details of a heating system and permission may be denied. For us, we are used to these projects and we are known to be licensed and approved so the government listens to us.


We Can Install All Kinds of Brands


Commercial heating systems may differ in size, functioning and technology used. We are not limited to any machine, we can look at your brand and plan an installation process. Choose your own brand and we will be there to make sure it is installed.


Before we leave your place, we test every aspect of your commercial heating system to ensure it works in the required standards. Based on your individual needs, we make sure the system is installed to cover all your required areas. Every heating component will be position in a manner that will make it work perfectly and safely.


Proper Duct System Installation


Air heated need to be distributed in your commercial to spread the heat and keep your house. You will tell us the place you would the furnace to heat up and we will install excellent ducts.

Ducts of reasonable size, clean and well-fixed to make sure air flows without any interruption. We fix and test ducts to ensure no leakage or weak joints are available.


We don’t want your duct system to start losing air to the surrounding so we test all ducts before we leave. Our quality testing approaches ensure your system is reliable and efficient. We have the best skills to install energy efficient systems that can save your electric bills.


If there are old ducts installed, we do retrofits, replace them all or repair any kind of malfunctioning ducts. Remember even dirt in the ducts can lead to a lot of heating energy being consumed. We can clean your ducts to make sure they are perfect before the furnace is installed.


Installation and Testing of Heating Systems


Once your duct layout is ready, it is time to install your heating source or furnace. This is a simple step and it is normally decided during the planning phase. We ensure it is stable and well-connected to your duct system for the maximum harnessing of the hot air generated. Remember features of your furnace is the responsibility of the manufacturer. We only come in when there is a problem in the efficient functioning of the machine.


We can install many kinds of commercial heating systems such as oil to gas conversions, radiant heating and electric furnaces in your home. We don’t make mistakes because our team is trained and used to these kinds of projects. We can stock a full line of equipment of whichever heating system you choose to install in your commercial area.  


Post-Installation Inspection

We have installed your commercial heating system, it is working but we want to make sure every aspect of it is perfect before leaving. Our team conducts comprehensive quality tests to ensure any faults are revealed and rectified. The end result is that warmth will be distributed to all parts of the commercial building without any safety threat or increased electric bills.


If you want heating system installation, repairs or maintenance services, we are the end stop of it all. We do all planning, assembling, and installation, you will come in to see the testing stage. Call us today for a hassle-free heating system installation.

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