Commercial air conditioning is a necessity for any commercial building. Besides providing cold internal temperatures during summer seasons, air conditioners also purify air making it be clean for people to breathe. Proper regulation of humidity, ventilation, and temperature regulation yield a conducive working environment.  


Your building may be complex, with several sections and rooms but that does not matter to us because we analyze the place and identify the proper layout to install your air conditioner. We aim at achieving uniformity in cold air distribution inside the commercial building. How do we install it? Follow the process.


Proper Evaluation of Your Place


If you don’t have an air conditioner yet, we evaluate your place and determine the size of the air conditioner that will efficiently and satisfactorily serve your place. Commercial spaces are always big and complex so they require bigger AC machines compared to residential homes. If you install a small air conditioner, you will have to either replace it or upgrade it both of which are costly.


For those who already have an air conditioner, we analyze your place, understand its sections and then start the installation. Our process is precise and error-free leading to the efficient functioning of your air conditioner.


For commercial air conditioner installation, we consider several factors including building size, the cooling capacity of the AC, product warranties and required maintenance. All these are important for the proper installation of your AC and ensuring it works efficiently in your commercial building.


Proper Ducts Installation


Duct layout is what determines the distribution of cold air in your building. Besides the outside hotness, human bodies also produce heat so the AC must work to overcome all heat. We install ducts on all necessary areas and sections.


We install variable refrigerant flows, split systems, Ductless split mini systems, ventilation systems, and many more cooling choices that clients could possibly. We deliver a cooling system that is typical to your building for maximum satisfaction inside your commercial building. Our team is experienced, trained and passionate so any intervention is relevant in achieving a perfect cooling system.


Installation of AC Units


We have several considerations to make when installing AC units to make sure efficiency and safety is attained. Some of these considerations or precautions include, avoidance of direct sunlight and heat sources, install units in places where gas leaks and oil mist may occur and ensure the wall is strong enough to support the unit.


Depending on your place, considerations and precautions differ from place to place. For split ACs, we find a perfect spot, secure the mount and drill a hole to connect the interior unit and the exterior unit.


We ensure all electrical connections are within the required terminals so that no accidents occur during the performance of your unit. For the large ACs, it will be perfectly installed and connect to the duct system for perfect distribution of air to required areas.


Outdoor condensers need to be installed in less trafficked areas so that they don’t get spoilt. We never make mistakes because our initial analysis and evaluation enable us to plan for the installation interventions.


We understand all the ideal AC unit installation measurements, the required quality standards, and other installation protocols. Drilling and other destructive works will be done with great precaution to ensure only the required areas are touched.


We fix the wires for you, fasten the cables and test your AC. For split ACs, we Bleed the air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit and test all valves for leaks before leaving.


Testing and Quality Analysis


No matter how precise and perfect we are, we don’t like to assume that all is okay. Your air conditioner will undergo testing, all its sections perfectly tested to ensure there is complete efficiency. Any issues will be fixed to ensure your AC system works perfectly.


If you want a wonderful working AC, an AC that is perfectly installed in your commercial place, we are the best team you have. Combining elite skills and unparalleled experience, we deliver beyond the client’s expectations. We give quotes after analyzing your place and understanding its cooling needs because we believe your tasks are typical and deserve a typical quote.

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