Fall is finally here and with it is enduring months of cold. This probably means that in the coming months, you will be heavily relying on the HVAC system for heating around the house. But it hasn’t been in use for several months during summer. Have you checked if it is in proper working condition to get you through the cold season without having to call in one of the Canadian HVAC contractors like the Air In Motion Company for emergency furnace maintenance? Before fall takes toll on your heating systems, engage the services of HVAC technicians to help you with these essential maintenance services:


Cleaning the combustion chambers


This is the heart of the furnace where cold air is ignited by the burners to generate heat. In most cases, there is an accumulation of soot and dust particles that usually corrode the walls of the chambers reducing its efficiency. While this falls within the cleaning furnace checklist, it might be easily overlooked during your regular clean up. You will, therefore, need a technicians help in scrubbing off the corrosion and checking possible leaks.


Inspecting the flue pipe


When is the last time you changed the vent pipe for your furnace? Do you know constant unregulated corrosion has the effect of causing leaks that gradually compromise heating around the house? Getting in touch with reliable HVAC contractors for regular furnace maintenance ensures that such problems are detected and addressed in advance before they hit the cold catches up with your household.


Changing the air filter


You probably have been regularly cleaning the air filters but are you aware of the fact that they have to be replaced once annually? Considering that all the air in your household passes through the filter, you would like to ensure that you only shop for the right quality filters and that they are professionally fitted. HVAC contractors come in handy in helping identify quality filters as well as checking underlying problems within the duct that may affect the quality of air pumped into your house.


Vacuuming the ventilations


To reap maximally from your HVAC services system, you have to ensure that the all the ventilation chambers are adequately cleaned. However, the trick lies on cleaning the floor ventilations if you have any around the house. Given their position, they tend to attract pet hair, dust, and food scraps that may clog them up and in effect compromise their efficiency. Most HVAC contractors have the right tools to vacuum such ventilations.


Test efficiency


Going into the cold months, you are requested to have a technician carry out a thorough analysis of your HVAC services system to ensure it can withstand the falls heating demands with minimal breakdowns. For instance, you will at times be forced to crack up the temperatures. The technicians ensure there are no defects within the system such as leaks or blockages that may limit its effectiveness and if any provide an immediate solution.


Just like most other appliances, furnace problems are easier to fix if detected early. If you are Mississauga, reach out us Air In Motion Company to help with cleanup, replacement of parts, and overall analysis. This goes a long way in assuring efficient heating system in the coming months and confidence to brace the fall.

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