Most residential and commercial constructions today incorporate heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts. Since these ducts are constructed and put together tightly, stale and fresh air hardly ever circulate together. When this happens, pollutants have a tendency to amass within the ducts and produce unhealthy air. Cleaning these ducts will help to decrease the volume of those pollutants so that you breathe the healthiest air possible.

Duct cleaning is a forthright and systematic process that delivers impressive results. Nonetheless, you might not know it from observing cheap duct cleaners in Mississauga work. Their fake techniques repeatedly take much less time compared to qualified experts.

Authentic duct cleaning contractors are always willing to school homeowners on standardized duct cleaning techniques. These methods include cleaning the ducts by hand and with compressed air tools while a vacuum collection device collects debris and displaced dust. Here are some of the industry’s best practices for duct cleaning.

Examine ducts

A simple visual scrutiny of the ducts leading to the supply and return registers is very significant. This is because homeowners can measure the level of dirt accumulation in the ducts and confirm the difference after cleaning them.

When HVAC companies perform the inspection, it allows them to check the ductwork for kinks or leaks. Most duct cleaning contractors are also capable of replacing ducts and making repairs.

Generate negative pressure

Essentially, duct cleaners in Mississauga use truck-mounted collection devices to suck debris and dust out of your ductwork. However, before turning on the suction and cleaning the ducts, the technicians must peg the vacuum device’s huge hose to a duct adjacent to the air handler.

If the registers in each room of the house are exposed, even a tremendously powerful vacuum collection device will be unproductive therefore, the technician needs to seal those with adhesive covers.

Turning on the vacuum will now create negative pressure and particles inside the ductwork suctioned into the collection device will blow loose.

Shake up the dust

As soon as the system is under negative pressure, the duct cleaners will expose each register and clean the ducts one after the other. Unqualified technicians usually move on after a swift burst from an air compressor and a spritz of disinfectant. This technique is highly ineffective and frequently results in dust blowing back into the room.

Clean the entire system

HVAC companies recommend cleaning all the other components of an HVAC system including the drain pan, evaporator coil, and blower motor. Cleaning these components along with changing or cleaning the filter, will improve the air quality in your home as well as extend the life and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

A comprehensive duct cleaning exercise should take approximately five hours. Although the service might cost more than what uncertified contractors charge for a hurried cleaning, the results of a duct cleaning performed according to duct cleaners Mississauga best practices will validate the cost and time.

A qualified HVAC contractor will perform the job carefully and thoroughly, ensuring that your ductwork ends up intact and clean. Contact one every time you want to service your HVAC system.


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