When it comes to heating problems there are very many different reasons as to why they occur. Such problems can occur as a result of not carrying out regular preventive HVAC maintenance and cleaning. At times it could be that there is need for a heat system repair. You need to know the cause of the problem so that you are able to the appropriate steps.

The furnace is not heating

The furnace might all of a sudden stop producing heat. This could be due to a number of reasons. First of all it could be something to do with the thermostat. Most of the times when people call a HVAC contractor about this issue, the technicians find that the thermostat was not set as required. You should ensure that the switch reads heat.

You should also check the circuit breaker just in case it got tripped or blown. A faulty pilot light can also cause the furnace not to produce heat. If this is what you suspect then it would be better to call a heat repair technician.

Poor heat circulation

This is when there is heat but it is not enough to keep you warm. One of the reasons why this could occur is when the air filter is dirty. The air filter is usually prone to clogging with dust, pet hair and other contaminants in the air. In such a condition the flow of air over the heat exchanger is inhibited. You should change your filters regularly to avoid the problem.

The other reason as to why there could be poor heat circulation could be that there is a duct that is leaking. Air can escape when there are cracks or broken seals in the ducts. You should contact HVAC technicians to come inspect and insulate or seal the ducts.

High energy use

This is quite visible in the amount you are charged for your energy bills. One reason why there could be high energy is failure to carry out regular maintenance. Your HVAC system should be cleaned and maintained at least once every year. This will make it efficient and the better the efficiency the lower the energy used to operate hence lower energy bills to pay.

Your HVAC could be consuming a lot of power simply because it is past its bedtime. If your HVAC system has been serving you for more than a decade then it is about time you purchase a new one.

Loud Noises

If your furnace is producing some banging or clanging noises then you can be certain that something crazy is going on in there. It could be that there is a nut or bolt that is loose. Dirty filters or filters that are not correctly placed will also produce banging noises. The noises usually occur when the system is being turned on and off. Talk to a heat repair contractor and they will be able to check the system and act accordingly.

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