There is the normal sound produced by your furnace while in operation. However, this is not as loud and remains constant throughout. When this changes to a loud and unbearable noise, there is something amiss with your furnace.


Some furnace sounds such as whistling are common and a quick problem to fix.  However, loud bang sound on ignition is a cause for alarm. In case you are not sure what to make of the unusual sound, call on an expert for proper diagnosis and repairs.


Unlike other DIY projects, furnace installation and repair should be handled by an expert. This ensures the unit is properly connected for optimum performance and safety.


Type of Furnace Noises and How to Stop Them


  1. Whistling –The Whistling sound is caused as a result of problems in the filter. The filter functions to stop dirt and debris from getting into the furnace. It becomes clogged and forced to suck in air from other openings. This is what causes the whistling noise. To stop these, simply replace your filters with new ones.
  2. Rattling and vibrations – This indicate loose parts in the units. Since the unit is made of several components in constant motion, with time the parts become loose. You should insect where the noise is coming from and fix these lose parts to stop the rattling sound.


  1. Scraping noises – This is caused by a loose blower belt or blower bearings. The blower is responsible for forcing warm air from the blower into the ducts of your house. The bearings need lubrication from time to time to prevent the rattling sound. If you turn on your furnace and experience this, it’s time to call a professional HVAC expert to check it out.


  1. Banging or boom sound – This is as a result of dirty burners which cause delayed ignition of the furnace. When you turn on your furnace, gas leaks before being ignited causing the boom, explosive sound when igniting. This can be fixed by cleaning the burners. The sound can also be caused by improper tuning of your furnace in the sense air and gas ration does not match.


  1. Motor noise – Motors powers the furnace on ignition. They also power the blower making it possible for warm air to escape into the ducts of our house. Motors need to be lubricated as they are part of gears in constant contact with each other while in motion. There are specific lubricants to be used on the furnace. These lubricants should be selected by an expert depending on your furnaces and is design.


installation service


Furnace installation and repair requires expert service for best results. The furnace functions to heat up your home and has several interconnected parts. It is important to exercise caution when operating your furnace. This includes being keen on any unusual noise coming from your furnace. Watch the flame and the general heat output of the furnace. For reliable expert furnace services, call Air in Motion today.

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