A commercial HVAC inspection refers to the reviewing of heating and cooling systems of a commercial building. The commercial building could be a school, an office, supermarkets or any kind of building where people do commercial activities. An inspection does not usually put into consideration codes or manufacturer requirements; it is just meant to reveal any malfunctioning aspects of your HVAC system.

It involves testing of all cooling and heating components of your commercial space and gives fixation and upgrade recommendations that can restore the efficiency of your HVAC.  Even though many people prefer to inspect HVAC that is already installed, it is paramount to inspect your HVAC before you even buy or install it.

Pre-Installation HVAC Inspection

Every commercial facility is typical in size and design. For this reason, it is vital to ensure the HVAC system installed can work to cover all required areas and as efficiently as expected. If proper pre-installation inspection is done, there will be perfect planning, installation, and maintenance approach.

The HVAC inspection professional can identify any faults, safety concerns, and other problematic aspects. If such aspects are well-fixed before installing your HVAC, the system is going to work safely and efficiently. Such problems could result in a very little recourse if left unidentified. This could cost you thousands of dollars of repairs and upgrades.  

Inspection of Installed HVAC System

An installed HVAC system is vulnerable since it is subjected to the inevitable wear and tear process. Inspecting it can help diagnose problems and fix them early before they advance to become bigger problems. Lots of issues could be identified in an HVAC installed inspection one of them being the identification of air leaks.

Air leaks increase your heating and cooling energy levels thereby overworking your system and increasing electricity bills at the end of every month. HVAC ducts could also be damaged letting in contaminants that pollute your internal air. If such a problem is not identified, respiratory health issues will always predominate most inhabitants in your commercial place.

A commercial load calculation can be done to find out whether the installed HVAC is capable, efficient and sufficient to cover all areas of the building or not. If the system is sized properly, air cooling and heating will be satisfactory meaning conducive internal environments would be achieved at any time of the day.  

Observations are not only aimed at finding the faults but can also be used to determine the lifespan of the HVAC system. Testing of every component of your cooling and heating system will be done to ensure their efficiency is determined. Proper upgrade or repair recommendations are given.

Components That Can Be Inspected in an HVAC Inspection


It is always presumed that an HVAC inspection covers air conditioners and Furnaces but if it is a comprehensive inspection, it should inspect many other appliances. These other appliances or HVAC components include,

Fume and Chemical Hood/Exhaust

Thermostatic Controls

Walk-In Coolers


Air Filters and Ventilation

Chillers and Refrigeration

All these components are related to HVAC systems so they need to be well-inspected and all issues affecting them identified.

Identification of Dirtiness in the Ducts

Dirt in the ducts absorbs heat from the heated air. The dirt also warms cooled air making coldness in homes to diminish quicker than expected. This means if the ducts are dirty, the electrical energy consumed by your heaters and coolers will be extremely high leading to increased electric bills at the end of the month.

The efficiency of an HVAC system is always low whenever there is a lot of dirt in the ducts. An inspection can reveal all this dirt and propose appropriate cleaning measures.

Inspection Needs to Be Done by a Professional

We understand the efficiency standards of all HVAC systems which means we are able to identify any sort of a problem in your HVAC system. To ensure every aspect is well-analyzed, we use appropriate tools to do the inspection.

We leave no stone unturned because we want to make sure all issues, safety concerns, and efficiency breeches are identified and fixed. Our work is always completed by a comprehensive report plus recommended solutions to ensure you have an easy and effective fixation process.

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