Air conditioning makes it possible to regulate the temperatures in our homes or work place for the desired effect. During summer, it becomes extremely hot making it unbearable to sit in closed spaces. At this time, you will probably need a fan to keep yourself cool. If you have air conditioning installed in your home or office, you will be able to enjoy a cool environment even on hot days. Air conditioning work to exchange heat and dehumidify air as it cools.

They can be installed at home and in commercial spaces. They help maintain low temperatures and a dry environment needed for rooms with bulk heating electrical appliances. To keep your space cool and dry, installing air conditioning is the first step. But like all other systems, it requires maintenance and care for optimal performance. These are the tips to care for your AC and keep it running efficiently. work on compress

  1. Prevent leakage of the refrigerant – AC works on compressor based refrigerants to keep your environment cool and dry. If there is leakage of this refrigerant, the AC will not perform as it should. If you notice leakage of this, seek a professional for repairs.
  2. Check your thermostat – The thermostat is the device that has all your AC settings for you to configure accordingly. It can be manual or automated depending on make. If the thermostat is faulty, setting your AC will be a challenge or impossible. You can also choose to replace your manual thermostat with an automated one which does not require your settings.
  3. Clean out your filters regularly – Filters facilitate the movement of air in out of the AC. Their function is to stop foreign particles from entering into the AC as air circulates in and out. Overtime, the filter will become covered in dust, dirt and debris affecting the flow of air in and out of the AC. Regular cleaning of the filter keeps your AC in perfect condition all through. Some AC filters are replaceable and instead of cleaning, you can replace it with a new one.AC wiring system
  4. Check your AC’s wiring system – Ac’s work on electricity and sometimes electrical faults can cause damage to its wiring. Be on the lookout for burnt wires – blackened or with melting insulation. These are a sign of overheating and if not repaired will damage your AC. It is advisable to let a professional handle this as they will be able to diagnose other issues not visible to the eye. Diagnostics on capacitors and electrical connections can only be performed by a professional.
  5. Inspect the condenser fan – The fan in the condenser functions to blow in air into the condenser for cooling. If the fan is faulty, broken or not functioning optimally, the overall performance of the AC will be compromised. Check for broken fan blades and performance of the motor which needs oiling from time to time.
  6. Take care of the external unit – With all AC installations, there is an external unit placed outside your house or office. The external unit facilitates air flow complementing the system’s performance. This too has to be inspected regularly. Keep the area surrounding the external unit free of anything that will limit the flow of air inside the unit. These can be plants and litter that act as obstacles to free flow of air. The external unit is the most neglected part of the AC since most people do not quite understand its importance.


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