Hot Water Tank Repair & Installer Oakville

Hot water tanks add convenience and luxury to your home by instantly providing hot water when needed. It is unlikely to find a home in Oakville without a hot water tank or heater installed. These come in quite handy during the winter season when hot water is used for most household activities.

Unlike other appliances in your home, hot water tanks need to be professionally installed before use. The choice of model and size of the tank is determined by the demand of hot water in each household and their primary energy supply.

Most homes use the classic gas-fueled hot water tanks but these are quickly being replaced by the electric tankless models.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Pre-installation consultation to assess your hot water needs and give best recommendations.
  • Tankless Hot water heater installation
  • Hot water tank installation
  • Solar powered hot water tanks installation
  • Electric powered hot water tanks installation
  • Gas powered hot water tanks installation
  • Hot water tanks repair
  • Flush cleaning to remove mineral deposits which affect the heater’s performance
  • Leak repairs on the tank and connected pipes
  • Complete switch from one type of heater to another; from electric to gas-fueled and vice versa
  • Post-installation follow-up and routine checks as part of maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency response to distress calls on hot water tanks and heaters  

Why Choose Us

  1. Professional service – We are not about to compromise the quality of service for maximum profits. We do observe professionalism and have invested in the best tools and technical knowledge in hot water tanks installations and repair.
  2. Expert advice on choice of hot water tank and tips on maintenance – Our services go beyond installation and repair to educating our clients on best practice in operating a hot water tank. We also give expert tips on maintenance to ensure your tank gives your long-term service.
  3. Money-back guarantee – The initial cost of installing a hot water tank, may seem expensive. We guarantee that our services will provide value on the money spent ensuring you don’t incur additional costs in the near future.
  4. No compromise on safety during installation – We install hot water tanks observing all necessary safety requirements. We are also keen on mitigating accidental catastrophe in the event they occur. Depending on space the design of your house, we will be keen to place the tank at a place with minimal movement to avoid any external interference.


Air in Motion Canada is the leading hot water tank installer in Oakville. We boast of a proven track record in service delivery and do have glowing reviews from our previous clients. Our primary focus is providing value to all our customers ensuring they reap the full benefits of having a hot water tank in their homes at no additional cost. Our team comprises of an excellent customer service team ready to dresses your queries 24/7.Whether you need a basic repair or full installation, we are well capable of servicing your needs. Talk to us today for more on information on our services.

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