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Most people do not pay much attention to their hot water tanks as long they provide the hot water when needed. It is not until the hot water supply is disrupted that the hot water tank becomes a point of interest. This can happen at the worst possible time causing you major inconveniences which could have been avoided.

If you have a hot water tank installed in your home, you will need to check on it once in a while in order to catch early signs of break down. A physical examination of the tank or monitoring its performance can give an early sign when something goes aloof in its performance.

These are five signs to watch out for

  1. Leaks – Your water heater should be leak proof. If you notice water around your hot water tank. There is a high chance of a possible leak. This should be addressed before it develops into a major leak.
  2. Rusty water – Overtime, the elements in your hot water tank rust. This results in hot water with visible traces of rust. Sometimes the rust can be minute and you will need to carefully examine your hot water to see it.
  3. Inconsistent water temperature – If your hot water no longer gets hot but instead remains warm or slightly hot, the thermostat in your hot water tank is broken. Ideally, hot water tanks should have consistent water temperature throughout their use. Inconsistent temperature can also be due to the disintegrating of the insulation on the hot water tank. The insulation prevents heat loss once water is boiled and keeps it hot for longer periods. But once, it starts to wear, your boiled water losses hat faster than normal.
  4. Age – Hot water tanks have a lifespan of 8-10 years. If your hot water heater has reached their lifespan, it is functioning on borrowed time and will soon break down. Make a point of replacing your hot water tanks every 8-10 years depending on the make and model.
  5. Unusual sounds in the hot water tank – A little sound in your hot water tank is normal. But with time you will be able to tell when the sound becomes unusual. This is caused by a buildup of mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank affecting its overall performance. Depending on the nature of the deposits, a quick flash clean can remove the deposits.
  6. Worn out hot water tank – If you are using a gas-fueled hot water tank with a burner underneath, your tank weakens over time and starts to disintegrate. This is due to the heat each time you need hot water. Assuming the burner is ignited three times a day, it causes pressure at the bottom of your tank. This reduces its lifespan and you will need to keep monitoring I to avoid a catastrophe.


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