Hot Water Tank Repair & Installer Burlington

The importance of a hot water tank is most appreciated when the tank breaks down and suddenly there is no supply of hot water for your household. Hot water tank provides convenience in demand of hot water. Imagine how hectic it would be to have to physically boil water every time you needed hot water.

If you are looking to alleviate yourself from this hustle, a hot water tank is a basic need for your home. Burlington experiences cold winter seasons which prompt the need for hot water. This water is mostly used in the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Through pipes running from the tank, hot water is distributed to your house. Hot water tanks can either be Tankless or classic hot water tank.

  1. Tankless water heaters – These have a considerably less tank compared to the classic hot water tanks. They can be placed anywhere in the house and only heat water as it passes through the elements in the water heaters. Unlike classic hot water tanks, they do not store heat and store water but only provide hot water on request.


  1. Classic hot water tanks – These tanks are the previous models which heat and store water. The advantage is that they provide a constant supply of hot water but sometimes this goes to waste if there is no need for it. They also need a considerable space to store the hot water tank.


The choice for a hot water heater should be guided by your needs and the space available In your home. Through professional guidance, an informed choice can be reached and the best hot water tank installed. At, we advise our clients on which hot water tank to install based on their needs.

The cost of maintenance and operation is also something to think about. Hot water tanks can either be electric or gas fueled. Each type has its own maintenance costs. Tankless hot water heaters are quickly replacing the classic hot water tanks.

This is because they are efficient in space and functions. Tankless water heaters only heat the water as it is being used. As the water passes through the heater, it is heated by heating elements as it flows out of the heater. Unlike the classical hot water heaters, tankless heaters are much more economical to use and maintain.

The major setback with tankless heaters is the initial cost. Tankless heaters are more expensive to buy but reduce your energy costs by 30-35%. Looking at the amount saved annually, it translates to a considerable amount and definitely worth considering.


At Air in Motion Canada, we specialize in hot water tanks repair and installations. We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience over the years of service to citizens of Burlington town. Living in Canada, you cannot afford not to have a hot water tank, especially during winter. Contact Us today for expert advice and services. You can also visit our website on to schedule an appointment.

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