York Furnace Repair Vaughan

When was the last time you repaired your furnace? This is the first question that runs through your mind when your furnace suddenly stops working. If you cannot remember, it means it has been a while since your last repair or maintenance service.

As winter approaches, you need to have a functioning furnace in your home. The last-minute rush to get your furnace can be stressful and probably cost more than doing repairs during the warm season, This is because the demand for such services is high and service providers are looking to charge premium fees for quick fixes.

York furnaces provide warmth and comfort in your home. As much as they remain unused during the warm season, they are a welcome luxury on those chilly days. With winter lasting for three months, you cannot afford to be unprepared.

Air in Motion Canada is an HVAC company that installs and repairs York furnaces in Vaughan. We help you be prepared to usher in the winter season from the warmth of your home. As locals, we understand the inconvenience of a broken furnace can cause you and your family.

Our core value in business is providing comfort to your home. Unless you enjoy freezing to death, there is no good reason to ignore your furnace repairs till winter. For the furnace to remain efficient in heat distribution, its part and components have to be in perfect working condition,

4 Advantage of Timely Repairs on York Furnaces

  1. Save money – Timely repairs protect your furnace from further damages. This saves you money on multiple repairs costs that would occur if you left your furnace faulty for too long. Professional repairs can restore your furnace, saving you the cost of buying and installing a new furnace.
  2. Prevent further damage – Just like other appliances, one faulty component affects the performance of the other interconnected parts. This causes undue stress on these parts as they strain to continue function. In due time, multiple parts break down resulting in major damages. Some damages can be irreparable and can only be fixed by replacing existing parts with new parts. At times, you may be forced to buy a whole new furnace.
  3. Prolong your furnace’s lifespan – As much the average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20years, regular repairs and maintenance go a long way in ensuring your furnace lives up to its life expectancy. If you are looking to achieve the maximum service years of your furnace, all repairs must be done promptly.
  4. Safety – Operating a broken furnace poses unknown risks to you and your loved ones. For instance, if your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide gas, it is only a matter of time before you suffer serious poisoning. To ensure your safety, do all repairs regardless of how minimal you deem them to be.


At Air in Motion Canada, we are keen on providing excellent services to our clients. We value your safety and will not compromise on furnace repairs at your expense. Get in touch with us today to schedule your furnace repair.

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