York Furnace Repair in Milton

A broken furnace is a major inconvenience especially during winter. With the temperatures at their Lowest, you need all the heat you can get to keep warm. Getting York furnace repairs is Milton can prove difficult on short notice. Unless you have a reliable service provider, you may be forced to bear the cold for a while.

Air in Motion is a Canadian company providing furnace repair solutions to residents in Milton. With 17 years of experience in furnace repair and maintenance, our services come highly recommended by our loyal clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert service on all furnace repair needs. We have a highly trained and technical team, certified by relevant authorities to conduct furnace repairs and related services in Milton.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of furnace repair services. These include:


  • Inspection of parts – Your furnace is made of several parts which need a routine inspection to confirm that they are functioning properly. This inspection is conducted on drain lines, venting, pressure switches and flame sensors. Any faults are immediately fixed to leave your furnace performing as good as new.
  • Cleaning – Your furnace has air filters which circulate heat in your home. These filters when clogged with dust become inefficient in circulating the heat and only the space close to the furnace warms up. During cleaning, we remove burners and the blower fan to clean the accumulated dirt and dust. The filters are also cleaned including all relevant parts of your furnace.
  • Performance Test – For your furnace to perform at its best, all the other parts must be functioning properly. We conduct the performance tests on the thermostat, heat exchanger, humidifier and Carbon monoxide sensors o make sure they are working as they should.
  • Replacement of parts – Filters and humidifier pads needs to be changed regularly. This is because they wear faster compared to other pars and can affect the overall performance of your furnace.
  • Visual test on how the furnace operates – Having installed several furnaces over the years, we have become accustomed to various models and understand how they should perform. By visually inspecting your furnace while ignited, we can rate its performance.   
  • Set the correct gas pressures – Gas powered furnaces require  certain gas pressures to be 100% efficient. We make sure your gas pressure is set correctly according to your furnace requirements.  


The list above is inconclusive since all issues affecting the performance of your furnace, technical or otherwise can be rectified. This can either be a broken part, poor installation or faulty settings which affect your furnace’s performance.


When looking for professional furnace repair services in Milton, Air in Motion Canada is the best company to contract. Our glowing customer reviews tell it all when it comes to our service delivery. We are able to schedule a quick visit to your residence and assess the state of your furnace. Contact us today for outstanding services in furnace repairs.

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