Your air conditioning system exemplifies a noteworthy investment, and when it is not functioning properly, it is essential to find a dependable technician to repair it. If you do not do your research on the company you pick, you could be paying someone for substandard work or overpaying a technician for a simple task. HVAC experts have the necessary skills, training, and accreditation to maintain, repair, and install a central air-conditioning system in a home, multi-unit building or office. The general average cost of air conditioner repair is $35- $95 per hour but averages can be a bit misleading even though HVAC and AC services do not typically charge by the hour. It is rare for a site visit to cost less than $100. Let us look at the cost of repairing parts of an air conditioning system.


The cost of repairing and detecting refrigerant leaks could cost anywhere from $225- $1,000 or more, depending on the degree of the problem. Water leaks can also happen and repair costs differ depending on the extent and cause of the leak.

Replacing refrigerant

Replacing refrigerant

At times, a technician has to drain and replace a unit’s air-conditioning refrigerant, the chemical that cools the air. However, air conditioning systems have sealing so if a system is low on refrigerant; there is probably a leak somewhere that requires checking. Costs for refrigerant replacement depend on which type of refrigerant your air conditioner requires.


Most AC repair companies can perform a routine system check and tune-up for $125-$200. Be cautious of very low quotes for this service. Low prices are frequently too good to be true and may come with unforeseen add-on costs.

Blocked drain line

At times, the line that runs from the condenser to the drain experiences clogging. Eliminating the clog should not cost more than $150 unless there are justifying circumstances.

Component replacements

When it is impossible to repair components of your air conditioner, a replacement may be inevitable. The following are the parts of an air conditioning system that most often require replacement and average prices for each with variations based on a system’s manufacturer and the cost of parts.

  • Compressor: $1,000 and more
  • Condensing fan motor: $400- $500
  • Thermostat: $100- $300
  • Capacitor: $100- $400
  • Circuit board: $120- $600

If a system is beyond repair, it will require a replacement. When ductwork is already in place, labor costs to install a new system are approximately $600. The air conditioning unit itself and all fittings, copper lines, and parts increase the cost to about $1,800. If the installation job involves putting additional wiring or ductwork, the costs will escalate.

The best way to keep an air conditioning system functioning correctly and to avoid overworking the system is to change its filter once a month as endorsed by the manufacturer. Doing so can also help reduce utility bills. To add on to that, always keep your unit’s condenser coils uncontaminated and free of debris.

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