Gas Line Installer in Burlington

Burlington city is a hive of activities contributing to Canadian economic growth. Its proximity to key industries attracts settlement for local as well as immigrants looking for opportunities in these industries. According to 2016’s census, it has a population of 183,314 making it a hub of opportunities.

As a service oriented business, we also set up shop in Burlington to be able to service its residents from the proximity of their town. We are professional gas line installers in Burlington. Our services are designed to be affordable and effective.

We provide payment plans to our clients to facilitate the cost of gas line installations. You can be able to request a quote from us to assess the cost of service needed. We believe this goes a long way in helping our clients make a financial plan on meeting the installation expenses.   

Our Services

Our services range from initial gas line installations to routine repairs and upgrades. Below is a comprehensive list of all our services.  

  1. Kitchen gas line installation – This supply gas to your kitchen powering appliances such as your stove.
  2. Outdoor heater gas lines – Some residential homes feature an outdoor area usually used to relax and unwind. These areas need to be warm enough to be cozy. Outdoor gas lines are used to supply gas to outdoor heaters for purposes of creating warmth.
  3. Hot water tanks gas lines – Most homes do have hot water tanks installed to provide a constant supply of hot water. To manage the added energy cost, these tanks are heated by natural gas instead of electricity or oil.  This provides additional comfort to your home without incurring exuberant costs on energy.
  4. Repair and relocation of existing gas lines – for gas lines that have been in use for several years, they need to be repaired to avoid leaks or other malfunctions. The repairs are a precautionary measure to ensure safety. Sometimes, you may be forced to switch from one gas line to another. We also take care of this ensuring the switch is done swiftly.
  5. Gas piping upgrades – Your demand for gas keeps changing with every appliance you add in your home. This necessitates an upgrade in your pipes to a higher capacity to meet your demand.
  6. Gas piping capping – Capping is done when you discontinue the use of a certain gas line. This is a safety measure to prevent gas leaks.
  7. Gas line installation for appliances – Your home appliances such as stove, dryer, pool heaters all need to be hooked to the gas line. We provide this service and are well capable of hooking gas lines to several appliances in your home.


Living in Burlington without a gas line can almost be considered a crime considering the vast natural gas deposits in Canada. The gas is readily available and provides an affordable alternative to electricity and oil. We encourage you to make the switch today and enjoy the convenience associated with using natural gas in your home. Contact us today to schedule a consultative appointment.

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