Furnace Repair and Services Vaughan

Airinmotion is a leader in furnace repair and technology. Committed to our client’s home comfort, we go above and beyond to ensure that each furnace repair we perform is beyond compare, and as a result, we consistently exceed industry standards by leaps and bounds. Since our first concern is always customer satisfaction, we work in collaboration with our clients to fabricate and execute product features sought by selective consumers all over the world. We are one of Canada’s leading HVAC companies and have been devoted to providing quality home comfort solutions for many years. Pinpointing an average furnace repair cost is quite difficult because our technicians deal with a wide range of components. There are numerous components inside a furnace and any of them could breakdown. Still, some parts commonly need repair than others. Let us look at common furnace repairs and what they would cost on average.

Furnace motors

Unlike dead thermostat batteries, a dead or dying motor is a grave issue, one that may cost time in addition to money. Draft inducer motors, for instance may cost $400 to $700. However, they are manufacturer specific, so our technicians may not have the right one under emergency circumstances. Blower motors on the other hand, tend to be more available because they are based on horsepower and size, making them universal. They theoretically cost more though, running between $400 and $1,500 depending on intricacy and size. We are capable of incorporating computer modules to help your blower motor run more efficiently.


From a cost outlook, a faulty thermostat is probably the best scenario for furnace repair. When there is no heat, you naturally check the thermostat first. If the batteries are dead, popping in new ones should revive communication between the thermostat and furnace and in such a case, our technicians will only charge you a service fee. If you need a thermostat replacement, a basic model may cost as little as $20, plus the service charge. More advanced options can cost up to $200 or more. Faulty igniters can short circuit the board, leading to other parts in your HVAC unit malfunctioning. We are capable of handling any kind of repair you want for your furnace.

Flame sensors and igniters

Most of the time, the problem with your furnace is the igniter. Most replacements happen during emergency service, which can push the price up to between $300 to $400 unlike when you can get them replaced as part of routine service where new igniters might cost half that. Periodic maintenance from our experts at Airinmotion can help keep your igniters clean, but if you let too much time pass before doing this, they can become too dirty to save. Flame sensors also tend to malfunction when they accumulate dirt. However, unlike igniters, they can return to normal after a detailed cleaning. Although we are furnace repair experts, we highly recommend annual inspections for your HVAC system. This way, you can avoid the need for frequent repairs. Contact us today and we will be sure to send an able technician to repair your furnace.

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