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Brampton is a beautiful place to live, but it can be quite chilly during the winter months. You need to know that your heating system service is of the highest quality if you want to protect your comfort during winter and we at Airinmotion can help you do so. Whatever furnace services you may require, our heating technicians are able to deliver. We do it all, from installation, to furnace repair, and routine maintenance. When it comes to heating service in Brampton, we are the company to call.

Why we are your best option

As a full service cooling and heating contractor, Airinmotion has the expertise and knowledge to address every aspect of HVAC repair, installation and maintenance. We offer a variety of important services that help prolong the life of the equipment and reduce annual operating costs.

  • Service maintenance agreements: Preventive maintenance can help avoid an unforeseen system failure particularly during times of high demand. Our technicians will schedule periodic visits to your home or business to inspect and test a variety of critical system components. They also adjust the equipment to the original manufacturer’s specifications and perform other important services. Regular, routine maintenance is necessary for continued warranty compliance, and it also helps maximize indoor comfort as well as reduce monthly utility bills
  • Best furnace repairs: Our devotion to service is apparent in our continued investment in manpower, training, equipment and vehicles. We understand the frustration that comes with a faulty furnace especially when temperatures are extreme. Some HVAC contractors lack the resources required to handle the growing accumulation during the intense winter cold. Speedy communication is our priority on every service inquiry, and we work tirelessly to surpass our clients’ expectations for professionalism and timeliness. We equip our technicians with a variety of advanced analytical tools to quickly trace the source of the breakdown. We complete furnace repairs to restore full system functionality.

Our services

You should invest in a quality furnace from a dependable manufacturer. However, that alone is not enough to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable throughout the coldest time of the year. In order to have that level of confidence, you also need professional furnace installation to make sure that the installation job is successful. When our technicians complete your installation, you will have everything you need to heat your home during the winter months. Regardless of the furnace you choose, the only way to get the best performance out of it is to ensure that you choose one of our capable technicians to handle the installation. We specialize in installing all kinds of furnaces so you do not have to worry about that. For new installations, we run comprehensive load calculations based on stipulated standards. We select equipment in such a way that the capacity of the system matches the exact load requirements for each room in the building. We also service major brands of equipment and provide round the clock emergency service for critical situations. Our aim is to satisfy our clients with quality furnace repair services and maintain a good reputation for ourselves so there will never be foul play in our delivery of services.

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