Furnace Install Vaughan

At Airinmotion, we endeavor to make every furnace installation a flawless one. Our home comfort experts follow a procedure to ensure that your installation turns out right. We perform a furnace heat loss calculation and work with you to select the perfect furnace that is the right size for your home. Our specialists have the industry knowledge and furnace expertise to select a furnace that will work effectively and efficiently with the other aspects of your home comfort system, including your air conditioner, humidifier, and indoor air quality equipment.

Every furnace installation we perform is the perfect one

Our technicians at Airinmotion receive comprehensive training on the latest furnace technology from various contemporary training centers. A great furnace installation is all about moving air efficiently around the house. That is why we carefully measure the sheet metal fittings we will use and custom-design them in our fabrication shop. This results in a better fit and better general furnace heating performance. When our technicians complete your furnace installation, they ensure to document everything and provide you with a copy for future reference. We also leave the complete furnace heating installation and owner’s manual for the furnace in our custom-made document sleeve, attached right to your furnace, so you have it whenever you need it.

We take great care of your home

We begin every installation by sending you an e-mail that includes a photograph of the technician who will install your furnace. Afterward, we show up on time and wear booties over our shoes. Once we complete the installation, we clean up so you would never even tell we were there. We respect your home just as we would respect our own homes. Sudden breakdowns are not only inconvenient; they can also mean high repair costs. The best way to avoid these unanticipated expenses is to schedule regular maintenance with our knowledgeable team. When you do that, we will be caring for your heating system as though it is our own, we will make sure you do not have breakdowns and that you have the security and safety of a smooth running heating system. When it comes to furnace maintenance, you want to make sure that we check your pipes, safety switches, venting and flame sensing equipment on an annual basis to ensure that they are functioning at their peak. Having us conduct furnace maintenance and service each year is one of the safest things you can do for yourself and your family. Our protection plans feature a visit from an accredited Airinmotion expert at least once a year.

Why you need us

A furnace installation is crucial for keeping the temperatures in your home comfortable and here is why you need us to install yours.

  • Neglecting your furnace creates more wear and tear creating significant risk of fire.
  • Poorly maintained piping could crack causing a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home.
  • A broken down furnace could cause your home’s water pipes to freeze, costing you substantial amounts of money in major repairs.

If you need a furnace installation in Vaughan, call our technicians for quality service and maintenance.

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