Furnace Install Milton

You will realize that if your furnace fails, it is possible to repair it but eventually, you may need to purchase a new unit. When installing a furnace becomes your best option, we at Airinmotion recommend that you think about the following important considerations first.

Find the right furnace

The first thing you will have to consider is the type of furnace you want us to install for you. Since most furnaces last between fifteen to twenty years, chances are that choices available now did not exist back when you purchased your original unit. Most common residential furnaces use natural gas to run. The cost of a standard natural gas furnace ranges from $2,250 to $3,800. However, we may charge you a little bit more depending on the complexity of the install you choose. Oil furnaces paved the way for gas and are still available in some of the provinces of Canada but they tend to be less efficient. From experience, we can confirm that they cost more to install especially if we need to adapt more duct work. Factors such as a complex floor plan or hard-to-reach duct work can push the price of installation even higher. You can also choose to install electric heat, which comes from small registers located around the border of each room. Although the cost of installation is quite cheaper with this method, we would not advise you to go this way because this type of heat is not ideal for heating large spaces and it comes with high energy costs as well.

Furnace efficiency

Gas furnaces come with an array of choices, which can affect their price. The first is heat output measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Units with higher BTU rating are not necessarily better for smaller homes, since they will cost more and hit ideal temperatures too quickly then shut off, resulting in varying levels. Furnace efficiency is the next consideration. Older model furnaces are often rated eighty percent efficient or less, which means twenty percent of heat generated goes to waste. Most new models rate at ninety four percent or better. This small jump in efficiency transforms to a decrease in utility costs. It is also important to determine how effectively a gas furnace can heat your home in large part determined by its staging. Older furnaces are one stage, meaning they always run at full power. Newer furnaces are two stage, which means that they are capable of running at sixty five percent as needed. More expensive three stage models also exist and can run anywhere from thirty three to ninety percent power in one percent increments. Regardless of whatever kind of furnace installation you want, we at Airinmotion have technicians who have the proficiency and training to install any kind of furnace for you. We understand that cold temperatures can be very uncomfortable and as such, anytime we get a call from a client, we strive to complete their furnace installation in a timely manner. We base our services on integrity and professionalism. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians who will definitely deliver.

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