Air Conditioner Installer Caledon

Of course, summers in Caledon can get extremely hot and without an air conditioner, you might suffer quite a lot. When you need a professional to install your air conditioner, we at Airinmotion can do the job for you. We will help you get the right Air conditioner for your home and within your financial plan. We install central air conditioners in Caledon and the whole of Canada using dependable dealers and other brands we trust.

Our AC installations

Nothing beats the comfort and simplicity of central air conditioning. Incorporated into your home’s existing ductwork and controlled by your regular thermostat, it provides not only cooling but humidity control as well. Best of all, there is no bulky unit in your indoor rooms. If necessary, we can install custom ductwork for you. We carry air conditioners by our own in-house models and install your preferred brand and model on request. If you live in an older home without existing ductwork, a ductless air conditioner may be the best option for you. Ductless air conditioners rely on thin cables that are easy to run through walls, and do not require expensive or damaging construction. We can mount indoor units on your wall or ceiling where they will stay out of the way.

How we ensure you get the suitable system

Every home is different from the other and each homeowner has preferences in respect to energy efficiency and budget. That is why we take time to visit your home in person before we recommend a system for you. Here are some of the things that our comfort consultants check during the consultation.

  • We analyze the cold and hot zones created by different sun exposures.
  • We measure your home to confirm the square footage.
  • We find out any issues with allergies. While air conditioners do not get rid of pollen and other allergens, we can help you with a better air filter than you can get at the store.
  • We factor in electricity costs and help you figure out what level of energy efficiency will help your monthly utility bills.
  • We take your budget into account. If needed, we can help you with financing and reimbursements. We then come up with a proposal and plan options.

Why you will love Airinmotion

We guarantee that you will love your new air conditioner and our professional, pleasant technicians. If we leave a mess, you do not have to pay. We will protect your home with runners and take away and recycle any old parts where necessary. There are no secretive hourly rates or hidden fees with us. Before you agree to anything, you will know the total cost. Not only are our technicians professionals at what they do, they are friendly and will answer any questions you might have. We know that not everyone understands technology, so we explain everything in terms that you can understand. Only accredited experts who have undergone a thorough background check are good enough for our team. Our technicians love what they do and it shows in their work. Contact us to find out why we have great customer reviews.

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