With temperatures rising up to highs of 25°C in Canada during summer, air conditioning is what most people die for at this time. Such temperatures are unbearable especially if you have to be indoors. Think about what you would do for a cool breeze at the convenience of your house; try to imagine your air conditioner breaking and especially after work hours for repairers.

Anyone would hate to be in this position. It is literally the worst thing that can happen to you during summer. What do you do? How do you survive? These and more are questions in your mind as you try to distract yourself from noticing how hot it is getting by the minute. Here is how you can survive to tell your summer horror story.



  • Block sunlight from getting into your house


As the sun rises, it brings along heat with it. Temperatures rise gradually heating up the earth’s surface and being absorbed by matter all around us. With the sun shining into your house, it will raise its temperatures gradually making your interior unbearably hot. One way to maintain the cool in your home is to block the sun from getting in. Close your windows, blinders and any opening or transparent surface through which the sun can penetrate into your home.


  • Open your windows at night and close them during the day


During the night, the air is cool compared to daytime. An excellent trick at surviving summer without an AC is to open your windows at night to let in cool air and close them early morning before the sun rises. This keeps the cool air, blocking the heating effect of the sun and can keep you going till your air conditioning is fixed.


  • Keep your body cool


If you can manage to keep your body cool despite the heat, you will find the hot conditions a bit favorable. Hydrating is one way of doing it. Another way is to keep a wet towel or cloth around your neck. The cooling effect will be instantly picked by the blood vessels and transported throughout the body. Though not instantly felt, it is a great way of cooling your entire body. Take a cold shower right before bed and avoid using heavy covers. This will help you sleep throughout the night.


  • Avoid heating your house


Once your AC breaks, it is important to turn off any heating device in the house. These include the stove, boiler or heater, fan among others. Doing this prevents the house form heating further and can be followed by other mechanisms to keep the house cool.


  • Get fans


Keeping a fan in the house is a great idea. It comes in handy when the AC system stops working. Besides tabletop fans complement the AC and are portable. In this case, turn on your fans when your AC stops working. You can have dry ice placed in the way of the fan so that the cool air is fanned your way keeping you cool and comfortable


  • Schedule repair for your AC


Having gone through all the trouble to stay cool since your AC broke, scheduling its repair seems the only long-term solution. Call your local repair experts to have your AC checked and fixed within the shortest time possible. Repairs are usually few hours fixes unless in cases of excessive damage to the entire system requiring replacement or upgrade. A professional will be able to check and advice accordingly.


If you live in Canada, regardless of the city, Air in Motion are trusted HVAC experts. We work round the clock to avoid our clients the inconvenience of broken air conditioning systems. As natives and knowing how hot it can get especially during summer, we are available even on short notice. Give us a call today to fix or service your system for the best indoor temperatures.

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