Hot Water Tank Repair & Installer Mississauga

Hot water tank repairs and installation are never a DIY project. This is because they involve a complex process in installation one that needs expert knowledge in plumbing as well. Household hot water needs vary while some households can do without a hot water tank, others will be affected by the disruption in the supply of hot water.

Hot water tanks are designed to offer long-term service but this is not always the case. Depending on use and their manufacture, some models last longer than others. Not every breakdown needs total replacement of the tank. Some faults can be fixed by replacing parts, others by simple flush down.

If you have been using a hot water tank for several years, you will notice its performance start to deteriorate from the sixth year onwards. This is because these tanks have a lifespan of 8-10 years. The lifespan can be shorter or longer depending on several factors.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Professional For Your Repair And Installation Services

  1. They are experts in what they do – Unless you have previous experience in hot water tanks installation, attempting a DIY project on it can be disastrous if not catastrophic. Professional installers are experts in their filed and their experience from previous installations makes them better prepared to handle any challenges presented during installation.
  2. An expert will not compromise on safety during installation – Besides the manufacturer’s guide on installation, professional installers understand the need for safety while installing and operating a hot water tank. For instance, this tank should be fixed at a point where there is ample space and minimum interference. Most homes have the hot water tanks fitted in their basements.
  3. Save time and money – A professional installer saves you time and money that would be spent in learning how to do the installations on your own. As a rookie, you are likely to damage your tank or other components during installation something which will cost you an additional expense that would have been avoided. We do not totally disregard your efforts but do advice that you exercise your interest in handyman projects in the presence of a professional. They can guide your efforts and you will still have a hands-on experience in installation
  4. Avoid poor installation – How you install your hot water tanks will complement its performance or totally ruin it. Assuming you are using a gas-fueled tank with a burner at the bottom, you cannot have this tank placed in the open. This is because a lot of heat will be lost in the air as you try to warm your water. Such decisions on precision and performance can only be made by an expert who has had relevant experience in installation and maintenance.


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