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From the hot, tropical days of summer, through the chill of Canadian winter, our main goal at Airinmotion is to keep your home comfortable from sales, design, to installation and follow up maintenance. We offer you peace of mind by ensuring that your HVAC system runs safely. We also help you save money on your fuel and electricity bills especially with a new geothermal installation or a high-efficiency furnace. Additionally, we also help deliver reprieve to those with allergies and those concerned with the quality of air they breathe. If you need any HVAC services, we are here for you.

Happy to be Vaughan’s HVAC contractor!

Vaughan is a lovely place to live. This part of the world is generally low key but it is active enough that residents do not feel secluded. You will love the atmosphere and, as the weather changes each year, you can sense a new attitude. Since the place experiences weather changes, of course the residents will need HVAC systems to keep the temperatures at their homes comfortable at all times. At Airinmotion, we are able to fix all issues that have to do with HVAC units and that is why Vaughan residents trust us. We are proud to be part of this community, serving your heating and cooling needs.

HVAC ideas for saving

Vaughan sees a combination of temperatures during the fall and with the changes in the air temperatures and seasons, it is important to keep your home energy efficient to mirror these changes. Airinmotion can help you save energy through your HVAC system using the following ways.

  • Assessing your home: Prior to saving, you need to identify where you consume the most energy and use the most resources in your home. One way to do this is to look at your utility bill and find out how much you are spending on things such as water, electricity, and heating. We can examine your bill and give you an idea of the numbers you are working with and where you can cut the numbers down.
  • Windows and doors: If you have not had your windows replaced in a while, you might be losing heat through the window. When a problem like this goes unsettled, you might find yourself cranking up the heat to compensate for the loss of warm air. At times, you may not even realize that your windows are the problem. We can help you find out where heat can be escaping. This way, you will be able to save on energy.
  • Thermostat and heat settings: Another way to save on energy and reduce your heating costs is by reducing the temperature of your home when you do not need the heat. Most of Vaughan’s residents are out working during the day, leaving their homes heated at the same temperatures as they would if they were home all day. We can install a HVAC system with a programmable thermostat which will allow you to keep heat running only when you need it. For help with your home HVAC system and to solve heating issues, please contact our experts at Airinmotion.
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