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Hiring the most qualified HVAC contractor for the job is crucial to guaranteeing a long life for your system. Your HVAC system is one of the most complex systems in your home and as such, it is imperative that the HVAC contractor you hire has the training required to deal with the integral safety issues in electricity heating systems such as electricity, oil, natural gas or cooling agents that use lethal refrigerants. At Airinmotion, our HVAC contractors play crucial roles in your home comfort, safety, and air quality. However, you should consider the following steps when making your hiring decision.

HVAC contractor requirements

Many provinces in Canada that license HVAC contractors require that the applicant have a minimum amount of on-the-job or training experience working with HVAC systems. We understand that the experience is critical since our contractors will need to have a component understanding of things like how combustion systems, refrigerant, electrical wiring, and airflow through heating ducts all work together to add heating or cooling comfort to your home. We value your safety and comfort as well and that is why we ensure that all our technicians know how to properly operate your home’s ventilation and exhaust systems when working with your furnace because it is key to preventing injury or death from events such as carbon monoxide poisoning which can occur if an HVAC system is malfunctioning or improperly installed.

Check licenses

Most states in Canada require HVAC contractors to have licensing and the government offers license look-up websites where you can check the status of an HVAC contractor’s license. We maintain an online database of contractor licensing links to local government websites. Since heating and cooling work may also require repairing or installing plumbing to supply oil or natural gas to heating equipment, an HVAC contractor may also need to hold a separate plumber’s license or have a licensed plumber on call. Nonetheless, some jurisdictions license HVAC contractors specifically for this line of work. When getting an estimate, be sure to not only ask if a company has licensing, but also what kind of license it holds.

Questions to ask

If your air conditioner or furnace malfunctions when you need it most, you will probably want to hire the first person who can repair it. Nevertheless, if you are planning a major or expensive upgrade to your home’s HVAC system, it is worth your time to research and interview several companies before hiring one. Our contractors at Airinmotion meet minimum education and on-the-job experience requirements, as well as pass written exams in order to get the licensing they require to work in the heating and cooling industry. In order to qualify for and continue to hold that license, we frequently need to hold a minimum level of insurance and bonding. Any professional that works in your home should have a liability insurance to protect you in case of accidental damage or injury. We are committed to serving the residents of Caledon with competency and professionalism. We pride ourselves in providing HVAC services that leave our clients in comfort all year round, so contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our contractors.

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