Gas Line Installers Oakville

Gas line installations in Oakville are carried out by licensed contractors. The complexity of the natural gas distribution system and the high safety standards needed make gas line installation a job for professionals only.

When looking for gas lie installation services in Oakville, X is the best team of contractors to work with. We provide exceptional services at unbeatable rates. We observe high safety standards in our work and also give safety tips to our clients.

Gas line installations are more than a one-off service to us, but a lifetime engagement with our clients. This is because there will other services required after installation to keep the gas supply constant and efficient. We are a one-stop shop for all your gas line installation needs.

How to Practice Safety at Home After Installing Gas lines

    1. Know where your shut off valve is – Knowing where your shut off valve is goes a long way in managing emergency situations such as gas leaks or bust gas lines. This temporary stop the flow of gas within your gas lines allowing you to rectify the situation.  
    2. Do not plant trees on top of your gas lines – Trees have deep roots which burrow into the soil. With gas lines laid close to the surface, these roots can exert pressure on the lines causing them break. The results will be gas leaks and an additional expense to get the gas lines replaced.
    3. Watch out for a sign of gas leak – When you smell gas in your home but have no idea where it is coming from, it is probably a leak along your gas lines. A hissing sound should also alert you to gas leaks. For outdoor gas lines, you will notice the plants near the course of the lines change color. Any sign of gas color should prompt your immediate action. You should shut off your gas supply and call a gas installation company to come and fix the leaking gas lines.
    4. Always have a gas line emergency contact strategically displayed in your home – All gas line installation companies provide a hotline for emergency cases. This line is available 24/7 for clients to call when an emergency arises. Properly display these emergency contacts in your home, so that in your absence, anyone can place a distress call during an emergency.


  • Avoid digging close to gas lines – When you dig too close to your gas lines, you risk hitting them. This can cause them to break. You also risk leaving your gas lines exposed to external interference. Outdoor gas lines need to remain covered to prevent external interference.



Safety is a key concern when it comes to installing gas lines. All parties involved have their role to play to ensure their safety during and after installations. Air in Motion Canada is a professional gas line installer in Oakville. We observe all safety standards in our installations and give safety tips to our clients. We have an emergency response team ready to respond to distress calls from our clients. Our hotline is available 24/7. For safety tips and more information on our service, Visit our Website.

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