Gas Line Installer Vaughan

With the availability of natural gas in Canada, it is only wise that you install gas lines on your property. The natural gas is readily available in constant supply making it an alternative source of energy for your home. Unlike other forms of energy, natural gas supply does not deplete neither is it expensive.

Natural gas can be used as complementary energy in your home to help manage the high electric bills. If you can have most of your appliances hooked to the gas line, you minimize the use of electricity in your home keeping your bills in check.

Since natural gas is readily available, it is super affordable compared to other forms of energy. This is because it does not require manufacturing, but simple processing and distribution form the source. However, caution needs to be exercised on installation to avoid leaks or faulty connections which put you at risk.

Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak detected early enough is easy to manage. As a homeowner, you should be keen on how your gas lines function and report anything unusual you observe. This is the number one safety measure. Before your gas line installer company responds to your call, you should shut off supply from the main valve. This is how to detect gas leaks.

  1. Hissing sound from your gas lines – Depending on the size of the leak, the hissing sound can be very audible. This does not mean that you should not be mindful of minor sounds. A leak can start out and explode to massive leak if not managed in good time.
  2. The pungent smell of gas – We all know how gas smells. Once you detect this smell in your home, call your supplier immediately to shut off your gas line. You then need to call a professional gas installer to come and inspect your lines as well do the necessary repairs.
  3. An unusual cloudy mist in your home – This normally occurs when major gas lines are extensively damaged. Human interference such as deep digging or building can burst a gas line underneath. Some catastrophes such as earthquakes can also burst gas lines leaving them open and leaking of gas.
  4. Bubbles on wet surfaces – gas leaks will cause bubbles on wet surfaces. You can also perform a gas test on suspected areas to be certain. Using soapy water, soak a piece of cloth and wipe it down your gas line. If you notice bubbles, there is definitely a leak at that point on your gas line.
  5. Dying plants close to your gas lines – Underground gas lines can be hard to monitor. However, if there is a leak, you will notice the plants above wither and die.


Air in Motion Canada Are certified gas installers in Vaughan. Our services include gas line installations, repair and replacements of parts as well as routine inspections. For a comprehensive guide to our services, contact us today. We provide bespoke gas line installation services at unbeatable prices.  

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