Air Conditioner Installer Vaughan

When you are installing a new air conditioner, you need to take into account both the first cost and the cost you pay up front on the price tag and lifetime costs, such as the factors that affect its output and energy usage for years to come. At Airinmotion, we can help you sort out the details and select the best possible unit. Because air conditioners are such crucial parts of a home and repairs can involve large sums of money, corrupt contractors sometimes target homeowners with unnecessary work or bait-and-switch schemes. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that you are getting the real deal.

Know your contractor

Nothing beats creating a relationship with a trusted HVAC contractor. You want to make sure you now not only the product but who is setting it up for you. A lot of times, you might go for the lower price, but the person installing it for you might not be qualified. When the weather gets bad and you encounter problems, you will try to call them and they will be unreachable, then you have no warranty. We are a trustworthy company which equips its clients with as much information as possible. We will show you what we are talking about. We educate our clients and prove to them why they need to do the work. We will let you know what it would cost to repair instead of replacing, so that you have adequate information to make an informed decision.

Ask questions

Play close attention to what an HVAC company introduces into your system, and avoid pitches to add performance improvement products. Things like refrigerant additives and leak-stops can affect your refrigerator system negatively. This is because they are not manufacturer approved. We often hear about problems with incorrect refrigerant levels. Some HVAC contractors do not know how to measure it correctly and they usually overcharge or undercharge the system. They might not do it intentionally, but some technicians are not experienced. To ensure the best chance of hiring a quality service companies, you should do a background check your HVAC contractor. At Airinmotion, we have bonding, licensing, and insurance. Moreover, although that does not necessarily provide evidence of a good contractor, it shows that our technicians have passed certain levels of qualification and training. We value our clients and serving them with honesty and proficiency is our only intention. Contact us to schedule a quality AC installation for your home or business.


Do your research

We advise you to do your homework on the HVAC contractor you want to hire for your AC installation. Resist the pressure to do major work right away, and consider a second opinion on big-ticket items. You will often find that your system requires much less expensive repairs than initially suggested. The best way to do this is to seek out a second opinion an anything major. It could be an innocent oversight, or a scam trying to sell you on an expensive repair. We do a lot of second opinions and as a reputable HVAC contractor, we do that to help our clients.

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