Spotting Common Heating Problems


When the winter season checks in, the home heating system becomes a vital part of the household items. However, it is at this time that most individuals will call contractors to report heating problems with the system.  Many things can go wrong with heating systems, and it is the main reason why many HVAC companies get lots of repair calls during the winter seasons.

Whether it is a home or an office heating system, some basic repair problems plague the heating systems, and by learning these common problems, one can imitate proactive measure to prevent the problems from occurring.

Clogged Filters

Dirty and clogged heating system filters are the number one most widespread problem facing many of the heating systems. The high number is attributed to the fact that there is dust and dirt in the air especially if the heating system is in an enclosed spaced like the basement or somewhere in a closet. The reason dirt is a number one enemy of the heating system is because dirt most often than not will reduce the airflow of the system. When the dust accumulates and the filter clogs, the system works under intense pressure since it is now harder to circulate air through a clogged air filter. The best way to deal with these HVAC Problems is by ensuring the filters are replaced monthly to improve the efficiency of the system and to increase its lifespan.

Mechanical problems

Another major issue that plague the heating and cooling systems are mechanical problems. Just like any other machine heating systems are subjected to the normal wear and tear after use for a continued period. The common mechanical part that causes most heating systems to seize functionality is the ignition control or the pilot control. When the ignition control fails its causes air flow problems to the system thus causing the system to overheat or have heat controlling problems. The heating systems are made up of many coordinating parts and if one of them should fail the entire system can no longer perform its duty.

Thermostat problem

Another issue on the heating system that is caused by wear and tear is the thermostat. There are times that the thermostat does not function correctly leading to the system failing to produce hot air and thus circulating the usual cold air around the house. The thermostat is essential to the heating system as it is the device that tells the system when to heat and how much temperature to heat.


It is important to be aware that these problems can occur to any heating model no matter the manufacturer. Some of these problems are more common during the winter period as it is the time when the heating system is used more. No one wants to keep worrying about a broken heating system during the cold weather season; everyone wants to sit comfortable at home and enjoy the season. To have this peace of mind, it is important hiring HVAC Contractor to maintain the system before the start of the winter months. Regular inspection of the system by qualified contractors can help ensure that the system run efficiently during the entire winter season.


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