How to spot common heating problems


Most residents of Mississauga rely on their HVAC systems to create a comfortable environment for themselves and their families. It is quite difficult to stay in an uncomfortable and stuffy home when temperatures rise so it becomes very frustrating when HVAC problems occur. While it is common for many people to think of calling in professionals to fix such problems, it is advisable to first try and diagnose issues and try to fix them because most HVAC problems can actually be fixed without prior training. Below are some common HVAC problems that business and home owners can spot.


Gas Leaks


HVAC systems naturally emit slight odors that are not even noticeable. However, should residents of Mississauga notice a strong smell of rotten eggs, they should be aware that there is probably a gas leak somewhere in the vicinity. Gas leaks are dangerous HVAC problems that could cause explosions. Residents should call their gas companies and leave their houses until the leaks have been repaired.




If a HVAC system smells as if it is overheating, then it probably is. Electrical wiring could be damaged or badly frayed or the motor could be burning. Whatever the cause is, such a smell indicates a danger of a fire occurring and causing burns. Should Mississauga residents experience any electricity related HVAC problems, they should switch their systems off at the main switch and contact HVAC professionals immediately.


Thermostat Settings


Even though it may seem obvious, most HVAC problems are linked to thermostat settings. Incorrect settings can greatly affect the performance of HVAC’s. An air conditioning system is susceptible to a buildup of condensation that generates significant amounts of moisture inside a HVAC system. The moisture can migrate into the air ducts and cause a mold buildup which causes a musty smell. It is unsafe to breathe in mold because it causes respiratory problems.


Wear and Tear


All HVAC systems are susceptible to wear and tear. Even if serviced regularly, the system’s performance diminishes with time. A worn out HVAC system could be dangerous because it may short circuit and cause a fire. If this problem is diagnosed early, technicians may be able to replace or repair particular components of the system to return it to working order.


Uneven Cooling


Mississauga residents may discover that their HVAC systems cools part of their homes and has trouble reaching others. The issue here may not be with the system itself but with sealing’s which allow cold air to escape. This means that the temperatures are not even and it may be uncomfortable to stay in some parts of the residents houses.


Problems with Coils


Most HVAC systems use coils and they play a huge part in how the systems function. If you notice corrosion or breaking of coils it may be time to call in professionals because corroded or broken coils could cause heating problems and subsequently lead to fires.

Prevention of HVAC problems is vital so it is advisable to have HVAC systems maintained regularly. However, even with regular maintenance, problems still occur. While some of these problems can be easily handled by any home or business owner, others may require professional attention. But by diagnosing the problem on your own, you can save yourself time and get the needed solutions for your HVAC system faster.


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