Hot Water Tank Repair & Installer Toronto

While a cold shower in the morning can be refreshing, it is equally unappealing during the cold season. Imagine having to bear a cold shower, cold water in bathroom and kitchen sinks during winter. This is why most residents of Toronto have hot water tanks fitted in their homes.

The convenience these tanks provide makes your house more habitable. At Air in motion Canada, we specialize in hot water tanks installation and repairs in Toronto. Our focus is on developing long-lasting relationships with our clients. Hence, we are available for consultation, installation and general maintenance on your hot water tanks.

We work with a highly technical team able to handle any project regardless of the complexity. Our experts give recommendations on the best hot water tanks suited for your needs. We help our clients make an informed decision when shopping for hot water tanks.

In our years of experience and expertise, we have installed several hot water tanks models and do understand each type. We are hence able to guide our clients on the best tank for their needs and give basic maintenance tips.

Understanding that hot water tanks can suddenly break down or stop functioning, we have a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 to answer your queries or schedule an appointment with us. We also respond to emergency cases, treating each case with the urgency it deserves.

As a precaution we advice all our clients to only contract a professional for their hot water heating services. The components of the hot water tanks are fragile and if not well handled, they easily get damaged. The installation also needs to be done with safety in mind for both the installer and the household members.  This is because most tanks are powered by electricity or gas which can cause fatal accidents due to poor installations.

Key features to look at when buying a water heater

  1. Warranty – Most hot water tanks will have a warranty of 8-10 years. Some models have 12-year warranties. The longer the warranty, the better the quality.
  2. Inner glass lining – Water contains mineral elements which overtime is deposited in the hot water tank affecting its performance. The glass lining protects the hot water tank against these deposits ensuring the performance is not compromised.
  3. Digital display – This is an added feature to the modern designs of hot water tanks. It allows you to monitor its performance as well as set customized settings
  4. Brass valves – Valves are fixed at the base of the tank for proper drainage. These valves can be made of different material but brass valves have proven to be long-lasting.
  5. EF value – This refers to the efficiency value of the tank. The value is calculated based on its energy consumption. Installing a water heater is an added cost on your energy bills hence you want to be keen to manage the cost.


Do you need your hot water repaired or replaced? If you are within Toronto and its environs, we at Air in Motion Canada are happy to be of service to you. Contact us today through our website and let us handle matters hot water tank installation and repair for you.

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