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Hot water tanks are excellent additions to your home that come in handy during the winter season when it is unbearably cold. Having a hot water tank in your home ensures that you have a constant supply of hot water when you need it. Most homes in Brampton are fitted with hot water storage tanks to keep the taps flowing with hot water.

Hot water serves various purposes in the house. From the bathrooms to the kitchen sinks, hot water is used for cooking, cleaning and heating. A broken hot water tank can not only cause you grave inconvenience, but is also a potential risk to your safety. Leaving in Brampton, you understand how harsh winter can be. This is why you need to have your hot water tank properly installed and maintained.

The installation and repair of the tanks can only be done by a professional. All installations need to be done to adhere to safety standards. If poorly installed, hot water tanks cannot function efficiently. Sometimes a glitch in the tank can cause inconsistency in the water temperature.

To keep your hot water tank functioning at its best, proper maintenance routine should be observed. All repairs should be fixed before they transform into major problems. Unlike other repair projects in your house, DIY attempts are highly discouraged.

At Air in Motion, we specialize in hot water tanks repair and installations.  We are quick to respond to your repair requests, scheduling a home visit soon after you get in touch with us. This is because we understand the important role hot water plays in your home.

How a Hot Water Tank Functions

A house fitted with a hot water tank has two sets of taps; one for cold water and the other for hot water. When you open your hot water tap, it opens a valve in the hot water tank allowing cold water to flow in. This cold water flows through the heat exchanger in the tank and gets heated.

The tanks are designed with insulation to keep the water hot and available on demand. There are two main types of hot water tanks.

hot water reapir brampton

  1. Electric hot water heaters – Electric heaters have a thermostat controlling the heating elements. These are located in the middle and the bottom of the hot water tank. As water passes through these elements, it is heated and stored ready for use on request.
  2. Gas hot water heaters – These have a gas burner at the bottom of the tank which ignites to heat the tank, consequently heating the water inside. Gas water tanks tear faster compared to electric tanks because of the flame used to heat the tanks.



A hot water tank is a necessary asset in your home. Not only does it provide hot water on a need basis, but also helps keep the house warm and cozy. If you are looking to get your hot water tank repaired or replaced, Contact Us for the best services in Brampton.

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