York Furnace repair in Caledon

Air in Motion Canada is the leading furnace repair company in Caledon. We are experts in furnaces installation and repairs. A furnace is an expensive addition to your home and should be well-maintained to serve you years to come. The average lifespan of York furnaces is between 15-20 years.

However, from the 10th year, you will need to do repairs and part replacements more often to keep your furnace running. Furnace systems are complex in design and only a professional can be able to carry out repairs.

As experts, we conduct an in-depth inspection of your furnace to determine the cause of their malfunctions. Even when the cause is obvious, we still do thorough inspections to make sure other parts are in perfect condition.

Sometimes, your furnace may be damaged beyond repair. In this case, we advise on the best models to buy for replacements. An average person cannot fully understand how to determine the right features to look for in their furnace. Your choice of furnace should be guided by your needs and finances since York furnaces are quite costly to purchase.

5 Key Features to Look For in a Furnace

  1. Size – The size of your home plays a key role in determining the best furnace for your needs. You want to choose a model, big enough to keep your entire house warm.
  2. Fuel type – Furnace can be electrical or gas powered. Depending on the primary source of fuel in your home, you can select a furnace that runs f the same type of fuel
  3. Efficiency – A furnace is an additional energy-consuming appliance in your home. You want to be keen on efficiency ratings so as to manage the energy bills.
  4. Smart control features – As technology advances, better furnaces are being manufactured every day. Smart control features allow you to program your furnace accordingly. You can set when it goes on and off, the desired temperature and much more. Buying a furnace with incredible smart features is convenient as you do not need to make manual settings every time you use it.
  5. Safety features – Safety features such as Carbon Dioxide detectors contribute to your safety while using these furnaces. There is also useful information on the manufacturer’s manual in regards to safety. You should take time to read these to be better prepared in case of an emergency. If you are undecided between two models, go for the one with more safety features.

Safety features

Besides looking at key features, it is also important to have professional guide your choice. They will be able to elaborate further on the technical features helping you make an informed decision.


If you are looking for furnace repair services in Caledon, Air in Motion Canada is your service provider of choice. Our teams of experts are always ready to answer your queries and respond to your repair and installation requests. Call us on or leave us a message and we will get back to you soonest possible.

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