York Furnace Repair in Brampton

Brampton city is one of the best cities in Canada to live, in. With a buzz of outdoor activities to engage in, it attracts both the young and old population.  Brampton remains all fun until winter season starts. With temperatures dropping to negative degrees, indoor activities suddenly become most appealing.

Most homes in Brampton have York furnaces to keep the homes warm and cozy. A warm house is comfortable and adds an element of luxury to your lifestyle. Although a well-installed and maintained furnace will operate efficiently for many years without any glitches, it is advisable for any homeowner to properly service their furnaces.

This helps identify possible problems and address them before your furnace breaks down. A professional will be able to identify current and future problems and fix them during routine checkups. Routine checkups should be done at least once every year. However, in case you suspect a malfunction in your furnace, you need not wait for the routine checkup for this to be fixed.

All furnace repairs must be fixed as soon they develop. This prevents further damage to your furnace keeping you safe.

 Common Problems Associated With York Furnace

  1. Clogged air filters – The buildup of dust in the air filters affecting its ability to properly circulate heat. You will notice that heat is only circulated within a small area instead of the entire room. The problem is clogged air filters and can be fixed by blowing the accumulate dust off the filters.
  2. Faulty Thermostat – The thermostats controls the temperature of the furnace. If you notice your furnace is inconsistent in regulating temperatures and does not respond to the settings, it is probably broken. Replacing the thermostat should have your furnace running optimally.
  3. Unusual pop noise during ignition – Ignition problems are complex and best solved after proper inspection on your furnace. You will need to call an expert to perform the inspection and identify the problem.
  4. Circuit breaker tipping off – The circuit breaker protects your furnace from damage by excessive current. However, it can keep tipping off unnecessarily either due to faulty settings or when damaged.
  5. Wear and tear – Your furnace will eventually wear and tear after a long service. If this is the case, replacing it with a new one is the best solution. The estimated lifespan of your furnace is between 15-20 years with proper maintenance. However, after a couple of years, parts such as filters, gas pads and the thermostat will need to be replaced by new ones to keep your furnace working.


Air in Motion Canada is the leading York furnace repair company in Brampton. As HVAC systems experts, we are highly skilled and technical in furnace repairs. Our expertise stems from years of experience and adequate training on HVAC systems. We are more than capable to handle all repairs on your furnace to ensure you stay warm and comfortable. Get in touch with us today for more information on our scope of service.

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