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We’ve recently been awarded for the quality and excellence that our company delivers. We thank all of our customers, vendors, suppliers, and of course – Home Stars for this award! Thank you and we look forward to an awesome...


INDOOR AIR QUALITY IN YOUR HOME As we enter September of 2015, lets direct our thoughts the coming months and what we need to do to prepare ourselves. A BIT OF HISTORY FIRST In the 1970’s during our energy crisis the Government came up with incentives and grants to the home builders association to be used to build homes that are energy efficient. This was the birth of the R-2000 homes which was to be the future of tight energy efficient homes. By solving one problem though they had created another larger problem which we now call Sick Home Syndrome. Our homes became so tight that it created a indoor bubble that we live in and reduced the fresh air available to come in through infiltration. We were now cooking, using cleaning chemicals, using hygienic products, in the house and circulating all those chemicals and stagnant air throughout our homes. We now had a health issue to the extent that we did not understand its effects till now. Good news is that we now have solutions to these problems that will either neutralize or reversed air quality that exists in our homes. 1- HEPA FILTERS – (high efficiency particulate arrestant). This filter removes 99.97 of all the small particles in the air that get into your lungs and do damage. This filter does not replace the furnace filter but rather works in conjunction with the furnace filter as they have two separate functions. A HEPA FILTER is a people filter and a furnace filter is a mechanical filter there to stop dust from getting into the burners, sensors and...
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